How to Get a Wolf Tattoo Design

Wolves are widely-popular animals for tattoos.  You can customise them to fit any aesthetic or gender.

Wolves are iconic symbols of strength and loyalty.  They also symbolise family unity and teamwork.

American Traditional

Native American tribes have long associated wolves with loyalty, strength, hunting skills and bravery.  Wolves are seen as sacred symbols in these religious and cultural practices.

A tribal war hat and wolf tattoo can honour your heritage.  Feathers or the sun and moon.  You can use a wolf tattoo as an emblem of strength and dominance.  Wolves are pack animals that typically mate for life, making them powerful leaders within their packs.

If you’re considering a large wolf tattoo, your shoulder is an ideal location.  That’s because your shoulder doesn’t have as many ridges or curves.  Making the design appear sharp and vivid.


The wolf is a majestic animal, long respected for its courage and loyalty.  Many people choose to get tribal wolf Tattoo designs to symbolise their power and independence.

Wolves are renowned for their speed and agility in pursuit of prey.  Tribal wolf tattoos might express the wolf’s strength or place in an environment.

Selecting the ideal location for your wolf tattoo is essential.  Choose a spot large enough for the design to be seen clearly.  But without too many ridges or curves, that could distort it.


Wolves are fierce creatures that will do anything to protect their pack.  These include snarling fiercely and growling with a deadly bite.  A Tattoo of an angry, snarling wolf will get attention.

This tattoo is perfect for small wrists and will show off your strength and courage.  Plus, this wolf Tattoo boasts some lovely shade work which adds an enchanting touch.

One Wolf is a widely beloved tattoo design.  Their meaning can be interpreted in many different ways.  Some see them as outcasts or outsiders to their family pack.  Others view them as possessing inner strength and the capacity for action on their own.


Arrows are a potent symbol in Native American culture.  A single arrow broken in half symbolises strength, fight, and safety.  Two crossed arrows signify alliance, while a single arrow broken into two pieces signifies peace.

Tattoos featuring arrows can symbolise strength in the face of tragedy.  In essence, an arrow symbolises your journey towards progress.

The arrow has many symbolic meanings; you can incorporate this into your wolf tattoo design.  You can choose to have one arrow showing progress or multiple arrows representing success in overcoming challenges.


Wolf tattoos are one of the most iconic animals in nature.  They make for stunning Tattoos on any part of the body.  Wolves are popular tattoo designs for both men and women.  It is because of their wild nature, animalistic qualities, strong connections with family, and loyalty.

Showing off your strength with a wolf tattoo is an excellent way to show it.  You are strong and protected from the elements, Whether you choose a traditional American style or tribal design.  There are plenty of options for you to choose from.

A simple wolf design is often chosen for those searching for their first tattoo.  It is because wolves are often associated with family.  This artwork on your breast will remind you to support your loved ones.  So fight in times of hardship.