Top 5 Watercolor Tattoo Las Vegas Artists

Watercolor tattoos are a growing trend. It’s becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they offer more individuality than traditional tattoos. They also fade faster and require less expense to redo.

Tattoos are an excellent way to express yourself. They add something unique to your body. If you’re thinking of getting one. Here are a few artists who can make it happen for you.


Eric Cantu is a tattoo artist at Rebel Muse Tattoo in Lewisville, Texas. He has been in the industry for over 13 years. He specializes in watercolor, realism and combination tattoos.

A watercolor Tattoo is an eye-catching design element. It is perfect for showcasing color mixing techniques.

To achieve a water-like effect, the artist employed different pigment shades and fading color gradients. This gave the design an appearance of being painted on skin. The extra dots and areas around the outer edge of the swatches add visual interest as well. The swatches are a bit more textured than the original swatches.


Amanda is a female name of Latin origin that means “lovable.” It has been one of the most popular girl’s names in America since the 18th century. The name is a popular girl’s name in America since the 18th century.

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Watercolor tattoos are a growing trend. There are plenty of talented artists out there. These artworks don’t use standard colors like red or green. Instead, they utilize shades that bleed outside the black lines. This allows for captivating watercolor effects.

Chelsea is an expert watercolor Tattoo artist. She has years of experience in this type of artwork. Her pieces are truly one-of-a-kind. So if you’re searching for something stunningly unique that you’ll be proud to display. Check out Chelsea’s work! She is a true artist!


Jan & Jan’s is one of the best places in Las Vegas for watercolor Tattoos. Offering both traditional and new school tattooing in all colors of the rainbow. Their staff is top notch and always on point. Plus, they boast an outstanding customer service department that will keep visitors coming back for more. If you want a memorable tattoo commemorating your trip to Sin City, Jan & Jan’s is the place to go! They are unbeatable!


Marcus is an accomplished tattoo artist. He utilizes watercolor techniques to craft his artwork. These kinds of tattoos last long and are highly individualistic. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for a unique style of design. You can view his portfolio on his website or Facebook page. He also has a shop in Vegas you can visit to get your next tattoo. With such a large portfolio and competitive prices. You won’t regret visiting Marcus. Plus, his prices are unbeatably reasonable too! Lastly, you can contact him through his Instagram account too!


Magdalena is an experienced watercolor tattooist in Las Vegas. She can craft a wide variety of designs. She specializes in cover-ups, post-mastectomy 3D tattoos, scar cover-ups and custom tattoos. She also specializes in watercolor tattoos which won’t fade as quickly as traditional ink do. Her studio uses modern techniques and she works by appointment only. Usually there’s a long waitlist so be sure to book early!

Explore her portfolio or follow her on Instagram. You can also see more of her stunning artwork.

Cortni West

Watercolor tattoos have become a wildly popular trend in body art. Many tattoo artists specialize in this style. By intentionally letting colors bleed outside black outlines. They create captivating watercolor effects. They rival gallery-quality artworks.

Cortni West is one of the premier watercolor tattoo las vegas artists. With over 10 years of experience under her belt. She has acquired many skills that have enabled her to perfect her unique style. She is a very talented and talented artist, with a unique style. Her favorite designs feature realism and animals. She always delivers stunning masterpieces for clients.