A Trowel Tattoo is a Sexy Symbol of Sacrifice

Tattoos are a recent invention.  But they have been around for centuries – some even date back to ancient times!

Studying the history of tattoos offers us the unique advantage that images often contain distinctive clues.  They help identify them by spotting certain characteristics in photos from Ettlins’original studio and those from his contemporaries.  We can distinguish which are original artworks.

Symbol of sacrifice

Sacrifice symbols communicate the idea of giving up something crucial to get something better.  This well-known topic can enrich your story.

The word sacrifice comes from the Latin sacrificium.  It means “set apart or consecrated for a god or supernatural power”.  The phrase is commonly used in religious and secular contexts.  It means giving up something significant for something more valuable.

The anime Berserk is based on Kentarou Miura’s manga of the same name.  It contains many captivating and frightening elements.  One such element is Guts’ Brand of Sacrifice–a demonic symbol worn around his neck.

Symbol of love

A trowel tattoo may not be your first choice when selecting a design for a tattoo.  It is an apt symbol to represent the strength and power of your relationship.  Couples who appreciate nature and outdoor activities will find this design particularly sultry.  And it makes for great couples matching Tattoos!

Suppose you’re searching for a unique Tattoo design that stands out.  There are plenty of options to choose from.  A few more eye-catching options include trowel-based designs, which can be included in your next session.  For an even better effect, get multiple trowels with matching colour schemes!

Symbol of power

Trowels have a long and storied history in the construction industry, becoming symbolic of power and mastery.  People view them as a symbol of brotherly love in their community.  They represent those who have authority or superior skills.

Like its cousin, this simple tool reminds us that anyone can make something from nothing.

The Uruz symbol is an impressive design.  It unites three (the triumvirate) in one visual.  It conveys ideas of order, continuity and unwavering determination.

Our list of the best trowel Tattoo could be more impressive.  But this talisman deserves its place on your arm.  Show off this piece to all your friends and family with pride!

Symbol of luck

The trowel is often seen as a sign of good fortune.  Freemasons also use it to spread cement over their work.  Additionally, bricklayers use it to apply mortar before setting their bricks in place.

The horseshoe is another iconic symbol of good fortune.  Legend has it that hanging a horseshoe above your door will bring you luck and prosperity.

Though horseshoes are commonly associated with iron, there are other ways to make them a lucky charm.

Eng shui views bamboo as a lucky plant that can bring good luck into someone’s home or office when given as a present.