Sagittarius Tribal Tattoos

Suppose you’re a Sagittarius looking for an eye-catching tattoo to celebrate your astrological sign.  Tribal art could be just what you need.

Sagittarius is known for its carefree and adventurous spirit.  Many Sagittarius tattoos feature archers or centaurs holding arrows and bows.


The arrow is one of the iconic symbols associated with Sagittarius, signifying adventure, and freedom, The desire to reach one’s highest self.

Tribal Tattoos offer the opportunity for bright, vivid art nouveau-style arrows.  Add texture and interest with cold or warm watercolours.

This arrow tattoo design can be inked behind the ear, on the wrist or the ankle.  Rita Ora and Lili Reinhart’s tattoos feature it.


Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign, and those born under this sign possess intense energy.  They radiate passion, independence, and bravery – traits.  It enables them to overcome any challenge that comes their way.

Spaittarians are well known for their devotion to astrology.  So it’s no wonder they often opt for tattoos related to their sign.  In addition, Sagittarians crave new experiences and information.

Sagittarius is associated with Greek mythology’s centaur educator Chiron.  Chiron’s notched arrow represents Sagittarius’ willingness to protect loved ones.


Sagittarius zodiac sign individuals are known for their optimism and independence.  Additionally, they possess a deep-seated love of nature and an adventurous spirit.

The centaur, half horse and half man, is a beloved symbol for Sagittarius, the Crab.  Likewise, the bow and arrow symbolize Sagittarius’ independence and bravery.

Sagittarius Tattoos are an energetic way to show off your positive traits.  They come in a range of designs so that you can express yourself uniquely.

Tribal Sagittarius Tattoo use thick black lines to form abstract shapes.  They can be one colour or splashed with cold or warm watercolour paint for a quirky look.

Feminine Twist

Sagittarius is an empowering sign.  There are plenty of ways to express that energy in a Tattoo design.  One popular option is adding a feminine twist to the symbol for impact.

An example of this is the bow-and-arrow image.  At the same time, the arrow itself may be masculine.  For example, the bowstring could represent a petite or tribal female figure.

Flowers or other delicate features can give your astrological Tattoo a feminine touch.  Florals offer depth and playfulness without overpowering the Sagittarius emblem.

This tattoo creates an elegant constellation with varied line widths and strong shading.  It also includes personal elements like crowns and musical notes for added interest.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the world’s most beloved books.  It teaches us lessons about life, love and death.  It also emphasizes the importance of hope and faith in one’s beliefs.

If you like The Chronicles of Narnia, get a Narnia-themed tattoo.  The arrow is an ideal symbol to incorporate in such designs.  It represents Sagittarius – the archer.

Fire signs represent November 23rd–December 21st births.  It’s usually represented by an archer with a bow and arrow joined to a horse.