Traditional Mom Tattoos

Tattoos for mothers are an elegant way to honour and remember your mother permanently.

Create the ideal mom tattoo with any combination of designs and symbols.

The traditional mom tattoo is one of the oldest and most iconic classic tattoo designs.  It has been a trademark in traditional American Tattoos since its golden age.

1.  Word “Mom.”

The iconic Tattoo design “Mom” is often accompanied by birds, flowers and banners.  Civil War soldiers frequently requested tattoo artists to record their experiences.

Tattoos can range in complexity, providing a meaningful way to honour your mom.  Many include your name, children’s names or other symbols that symbolize you and your family.

2.  Crown

There’s something extraordinary about the bond between a mother and her child.  Her love, support, and care are unconditional.

Traditional mom tattoos honour this strong tie.  They’re a constant reminder of their strong bond.

A crown can be an ideal design element for traditional mom Tattoo.  It symbolizes power, strength and independence.  Additionally, height conveys authority as well as self-control.

3.  Family Tree

Family trees are an uplifting way to remember those you care about.  You have many options available.  You could even pick a tree representing your family, such as willow for hope and strength or birch for new beginnings.

You have the freedom to be creative with this tattoo idea.  For example, choose a font representing your family’s values or handwrite a name in a unique script.

The traditional mom tattoo is an iconic design with a rich heritage.  It’s part of American traditional tattoo culture.  In addition, it is often seen in comics and cartoons to symbolize strength or courage in characters.

4.  Palm Tree

A palm tree symbolizes fertility, victory, good luck, growth, righteousness and wisdom.  It also represents the strength of motherhood.

This tattoo design brings back those sunny beach days we all cherish.  Boasting bold black outlines, subtle shading and an attractive colour palette.  This classic mom tattoo is sure to attract attention.

This small palm tree tattoo can be inked on your wrist, ankle or behind the ear.  It is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.  Add a sun for an added touch for a more significant visual impact.

5.  Portrait

Tattoos are an uplifting way to pay homage to your mother, who brought you into this world and nurtured you.

Mom Tattoos come in an array of shapes, sizes and styles.  The heart-shaped “mom” tattoo is a popular choice.

This tattoo has been around for some time, becoming a symbol of love in American culture.  Men often get this type of design on their chests or shoulders.  They express their devotion to their mothers.