Tattoos Symbols That Can Help You Get Through Hard Times

Tattoos are an enjoyable way to describe yourself.  And can also serve as a source of power when times get tough.  These iconic characters come from around the globe.  It’s with an extensive history filled with meaning.  That can guide you through tricky times!

When selecting a symbol for your tattoo, choose one that totally describes your individuality.  And personality type is essential.  Remember, these designs will become permanent parts of your body.  So assure they fit perfectly!


Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom is a beloved character.  It represents life, renewal, attractiveness, and love.  This delicate flower only blooms briefly.  So we should cherish every moment we are given.

Showing respect to those with this floral sign is a stunning way to define your love.  It is usually done in mixed shades of pink.  However, you can opt for more intense red colors for an eye-catching tattoo design.

Women can mainly express their femininity with a cherry blossom tattoo.  This delicate flower embodies an appreciation of quiet, romantic beauty.

This tattoo can be placed anywhere.  But it is often on the sleeve or shoulder.  It usually depicts a cherry blossom surrounded by other Japanese imagery.  Or symbols like koi fish.

In Japanese culture, a fallen cherry petal is seen as a metaphor for the end of a warrior’s struggle.  It is used initially to indicate self-destructive behavior.  Its symbolism has since taken on more positive connotations.

A Cherry Blossom tattoo can also be motivational.  It is when integrated with other imagery such as butterflies, dragons, and koi fish.  This could be an excellent idea for someone feeling down in the dumps.  Or it could serve as a gentle reminder that living life to its fullest is vital.



Roses are a widely popular Tattoo mark.  That can be designed with various colors, patterns, and designs.  Roses also make an elegant way to display someone you care about them.

When choosing a rose Tattoo, picking the correct one is essential.  Not all roses have the same meaning.  So ensure yours is meaningful.  And it accurately symbolizes who you are.

The rose symbol intimately connects to Christianity.  It conveys Mary and Jesus’ bloodshed.  Also, it stands as a sign of new life and hope.

Roses combined with a cross can be an uplifting way to show your faith.  You can design a simple rose tattoo.  Or an intricate cross Tattoo featuring elaborate details.

Adding thorns to a rose Tattoo design can give the design additional depth and significance.  Not only do the thorns represent life’s battle against end.  But they also convey force and resilience.

Not only does a thorn-covered rose look beautiful.  But it’s also a reminder of those you have lost.  You will surely want to display this strong symbolism for life proudly!

Pink roses are an ideal romantic flower option.  It is often associated with love and attraction in Roman culture.


Doves have long been associated with peace and harmony.  It is often associated with Venus and Aphrodite in Greek mythology.  Additionally, many religious texts have depicted doves as symbols of the Holy Spirit.

Tattoos of hearts and flowers are often associated with love and romance.  It is especially in romantic mythologies.  As such, they make famous choices for tattoos on women.  And men in a relationship.

Another way to incorporate a dove in a tattoo design is by placing it alongside an olive branch.  This reference draws inspiration from Noah’s story of sending out the dove for water.  And its returns with an olive branch as confirmation.  That land had been found nearby.

This kind of design can represent a fresh start.  And If you have recently experienced hardship and desire to begin again.  Similarly, it helps to demonstrate your faith in God.

Tattoos featuring a dove with an olive branch inside its beak are an increasingly favored alternative among both men and women.  Not only is this design sweet.  But it’s also very adorable.

This style of design is popular among those who value spirituality.  And seek guidance on improving lives.  It performs as a reminder.  God has an individual plan for us.  And there is always something to be thankful for.


The Kiss symbol is a popular tattoo design.  It represents love, devotion, and commitment.  In some cultures, it also serves to signify friendship or camaraderie.

The kiss is often associated with Psyche, the Greek goddess of love and death.  She symbolized the union of souls between herself and her lover Eros.  It is believed to have brought him back to life in a new form through her devotion.

In other cultures, kissing is seen as a sacred act that unites spirit to spirit.  It’s making it an act of safeguarding from evil.  And it possesses spell-breaking powers.

People who get kiss Tattoos on their bodies usually do.  So as romantic partners or friends.  It can also honor a loved one.  Who has passed away or reminds them of an unforgettable experience shared between both.

Many people opt to have kiss tattoos placed on their necks.  Hence this area is considered one of the most erogenous parts of their body.  Furthermore, it conveys a powerful message about attraction and sexuality.

The kiss emoji is widely used.  That expresses love, friendship, and affection.  It’s often included as part of text messages as a smiling face emoji.



The Panther is a majestic animal.  That has long been associated with strength, ferocity, and courage.  This magnificent creature has become an iconic tattoo design.  It illustrates feelings of power.  And fearlessness to millions worldwide.

The panther is a solid and confident spirit animal.  That can guide you in leading an enjoyable life.  It helps you take the right actions when feeling overwhelmed with circumstances in your personal life.

Your importance and ethics can indicate who you are simultaneous, reminding you to stay grounded.  And grateful for those in your life.  Who provides support and encouragement.

Finally, the panther conveys motherhood and protection.  This makes it an excellent choice for any woman seeking an eye-catching tattoo expressing her style.

Men often associate the panther symbol with leadership and power.  This makes it a suitable choice for military leaders.  Or outlaws looking to display their toughness.

The black panther is an iconic spirit animal associated with courage and strength.  It may illustrate your African heritage or rebellious side.  It serves as a reminder to protect yourself.  And uphold values no matter what challenges come your way.