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Tattoo Baby is a reality television star who is an American Tattoo artist. She was a contestant on Ink Master season 2 in 2012, placing fourth. She later finished third in season three of the show. Currently, she is considered one of the most influential tattoo artists in the United States. Her Tattoos are seen on numerous celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Nicky Hilton.

Tatu Baby’s father was a drug dealer

Tatu Baby’s father was a kingpin of the drug cartel in Queens, New York. He died when she was four, but the family has never disclosed his name. Although Tatu Baby has a close relationship with her mother, the subject of her father’s life has caused a lot of tension between them. She wants to learn more about her father, but her mother is reluctant to discuss it.
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Tatu Baby’s mother was an aspiring tattoo artist and was involved in the business. She was the main character in the reality TV show Cartel Crew, and was a contestant on season two of the Ink Master. She also appears on season three of the show.
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While she does not reveal her father’s name on the show, she does share the fact that her father was a drug dealer. After his death, Tatu Baby’s mother wanted to get out of the drug business. Her father’s death forced her mother to change her life. She was only 19 when she began Tattooing professionally. She is still single as of 2020.

Tatu Baby’s net worth is around $1.5 million. She has gained popularity as a tattoo artist, and has been a featured actor on the VH1 show Cartel Crew. Her tattoos have been designed by artists such as Billy Vegas, David Gonzalez, and Shane O’Neill. She also has several Tattoos by Boog and Jime Litwalk.

Tatu Baby was born in Colombia, but raised in Miami, Florida. Her father was a drug dealer who died when she was four. Her mother was forced to leave the drug world, and she grew up with her mother and brother in Miami. During her early teenage years, Tatu Baby met a man named Eddie who was linked to a Miami narco ring. He was a fellow drug dealer with Pablo Escobar, but he later died, and Tatu Baby’s father died.

Tatu Baby’s tattoo daddy gets in trouble with the law

Tatu Baby Flores is well known for his Tattooing skills. He’s also one of the faces of the reality show Cartel Crew, which follows individuals with ties to the drug trade in Miami. His father is not revealed, but he’s described as having a tough upbringing.

Tatu Baby’s tattoo daddy has gotten in trouble with the law in the past. He’s close to Tatu Baby’s co-stars on Cartel Crew, including Michael Corleone Blanco, the youngest son of the Queen of Cocaine. The show’s stars also include Marie Corleone, the girlfriend of Tatu Baby’s tattoo daddy, and Stephanie Acevedo, the daughter of a Miami drug lord. Tatu Baby’s cousin Loz is also close with Tatu Baby’s father, although he doesn’t speak of his involvement in the cartel. The show airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. on VH1.

Tatu Baby has always been fascinated by art, especially tattoos. Her mother allowed her to get her first Tattoo when she was fourteen. She later got a matching tattoo on her other arm. Her parents didn’t object to her tattoos, but her mother wanted her daughter to follow in her footsteps and become a tattoo artist. Tatu Baby has been tattooing professionally since she was 19. She is still unmarried, though.

The show has been a success and has earned Tatu Baby an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. The reality show “Ink Master” cast her in a tattooing competition, where she was able to place fourth. She was invited to return for a third season and has since opened Till the End Tattoos in Miami. She also appeared in a VH1 series called Cartel Crew, which followed the lives of drug lords and cartels.
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Tatu Baby’s tattoo style

If you’ve been looking for a unique tattoo style, you’ve come to the right place. Tatu Baby is a tattoo artist from Colombia. She has been in the tattoo business for a long time, and she was recently featured on Spike TV’s Ink Master. The tattoo artist has been drawing and tattooing since she was a child. She is also a mother and has one child.

Tatu Baby was a professional tattoo artist when she was only 19, and she was already winning tattoo competitions at the age of 19. She is known for her black-and-gray photorealism tattoo style and realistic custom designs. She was one of the finalist on season two of the show Ink Master, but was ultimately eliminated. Currently, Tatu Baby owns her own shop, Till the End Tattoos, in Miami.

Tatu Baby is an artist whose net worth is estimated at over $1 million. She has appeared on a reality television show called Ink Master, and came in fourth place, being invited back for a third season. She has also opened her own tattoo studio, Till the End, in Miami, and has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Henna temporary tattoos

There are many risks involved with tattoos, including the risk of allergic reactions. It is important to know the risks involved before getting one. For example, if you are pregnant, you should avoid henna temporary tattoos for tattoo babies. Also, make sure that the source of the henna you use is reputable. The dyes used should not contain paraphenylenediamine, which can cause severe allergic reactions in children.

It is essential to ask a vendor about the ingredients of the dye. Black henna, for example, contains a chemical called PPD. PPD is a chemical that can cause a Type 4 sensitivity reaction. This type of sensitivity reaction can occur up to 1-3 weeks after the tattoo is applied.

While henna is generally safe to use on children, some henna products contain harmful chemicals that can cause scarring and skin irritation. You can use a non-toxic henna solution, such as henna made from the lawsonia inermis plant. This method can be a great way to bond with your child while encouraging creativity. In addition, henna tattoos can help your child learn about other cultures. Some henna tattoos even include symbols that have meaning. These can help them express a piece of their personality or wish for good things in the future.

Avoid using black henna. It contains a chemical called para-phenylenediamine (PPD). It is safe to use as a hair colorant, but black henna can cause allergic reactions. It is important to read the label before you apply the henna to your child.

Tatu Baby’s Instagram page

Tatu Baby, better known as Katherine Flores, is a famous tattoo artist from Miami. She has appeared on several seasons of “Ink Master” and owns her own shop, Till The End Tattoos. She specializes in photo-realistic black and gray tattoos, though she also enjoys working in color.

Her Instagram page is filled with images of her tattoos, snaps of her life, and pictures of her son. Although she did not win the show, Tatu Baby has a huge fan base. She has a close relationship with her mother, but talking about her father often causes tension between the two of them. As a result, Tatu Baby is keen on finding out more about her father.