A Sun Conure Tattoo is a Great Way to Show Your Passion for Birds

If you adore birds, a sun conure tattoo is an adorable way to show enthusiasm.  These pet parrots have such personality and charm.

Due to their friendly, entertaining, and witty demeanor, they make great pets for elders and singles.


The dove is an elegant, delicate bird that symbolizes peace, love, and devotion.  It also represents the Holy Spirit as well as the human soul.

Doves are often depicted in artwork, drawings, and statues as positive symbols.  They convey messages of hope and healing.

Doves are symbolic in many cultures and religions around the world.  Tattoos featuring doves often symbolize independence, peace, and prosperity.


Hummingbirds are beloved by nature lovers worldwide for their stunning iridescent feathers.  These are created by special cells within the bird that reflect sunlight-like prisms.

Male hummingbirds usually sport vibrant plumage to attract a mate.  While females usually appear duller and more subdued for protection while incubating eggs.

Allen’s and Rufous Hummers have fiery red-orange throats, while broad-tailed hummingbirds have iridescent rose-magenta feathers.  These colorful birds can be found along the western half of America.


Storks are large wading birds with long bills.  They belong to the family Ciconiidae and form part of the order Ciconiformes.

They are highly active during the day.  They feed on small amphibians, fish, frogs, insects, and worms.  Their diet varies based on location, time of year, and available prey.

White storks have an eye-catching white plumage with black scapulars and flight feathers.  They range in length from 40-44 inches, weighing 2.5-4.4 lbs.


The horn of Horus is the Egyptian god of life, death, and magic.  It is a popular Tattoo.  It symbolizes the soul’s resurrection and resurrection.

This horn is often depicted as either a falcon or a stork.  It can be displayed on the thigh or upper back.  Its beauty and elegance make it a desirable accessory for any wardrobe.

The horn is also associated with Nephthys, the goddess of protection.  When Set took her wings away from her, he applied them to Osiris’heart and Horus’left eye to increase his power.


The Phoenix is a beloved symbol of rebirth and immortality.  It appeared in many mythologies around the world, such as Arabian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Chinese cultures.

The Phoenix is an iconic bird, rising from its ashes to become a new, reborn creature.  This idea of rebirth resonates deeply with those who have endured or been through difficult times.

The Phoenix is a powerful spirit animal that can guide you through major life transitions.  It also ignites your inner fire and inspires passion.


The Robin, an Old World flycatcher (Turdidae), is often seen in woodlands and deciduous forests.  This migratory bird spends most of its time south of the Equator and winters in northern North America.  The bird spends most of its time south of the Equator and winters in the northern.

A Robin’s song of comfort and hope has long been associated with happiness, joy, good luck, strong marriages, and rebirth—the promise of a new stage in life.

Robins can be identified by their bright orange breast and black breast band.  They also feature various markings on their backs and wings, such as spotting.