Strong Tattoos That Make You Stronger Than You Know

People struggling with mental health disorders often opt for a tattoo that symbolizes their strength. It’s an inspiring way to commemorate your journey and remind yourself that you can conquer any challenges life throws your way.

Tattoos have an intricate relationship with your immune, lymphatic, and endocrine systems. So before you decide which design is right for you, here’s what to know:

Angel Wings

Angel wings are a strong symbol that conveys faith, freedom and protection. They’re especially popular for those who have suffered the loss of someone dear to them or wish to honor their religious beliefs.

Though angel wings are usually associated with larger and more detailed pieces, small and simple designs can also make a powerful statement. Whether you choose black or a single color, make sure the angel wings reflect who you want them to be for you.

Crafting an angel wing that looks both human and heavenly requires skill, patience, and great attention to detail. You’ll want to select a designer with an impressive portfolio who can deliver what you desire.


When you’re feeling weak, a reminder of your own strength can help spur you on. This fine-line tattoo depicts the Sun surrounded by fearless birds as a perfect example of how to stay strong even during trying times.

Showing you are capable of anything life throws at you serves as a great motivation and serves as an encouraging reminder that hope can get you through any difficulty.

The Sun is composed of a fiery mix of gases and plasma, with hydrogen gas fused into helium under intense heat and gravity. At its core, which has been heated to over 27 million degrees Fahrenheit, nuclear fusion reactions release energy through intense nuclear reactions.


Birds are warm-blooded bipedal vertebrates with two legs and feathers on their wings. They possess a bony skeleton as well as an impressive beak that they use to hunt, kill, and consume prey.

They possess a gizzard to break down food, an intestine, colon and cloaca for waste product disposal; all of these structures are connected to their lungs.

These organs enable birds to survive and communicate with their families, find mates and hunt for food. Furthermore, they play an essential role in locating and protecting their nests.

Like humans, birds possess a wide range of senses such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Some species such as parrots are even capable of perceiving ultraviolet light.

Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol is a widely-used and beloved Tattoo design. Not only does it symbolize friendship and love, but also infinite possibilities, rebirth, and endless growth.

It is an effective design that can leave a lasting impression on those who view it. The images are cleaned up and moderate, permitting the message to stand apart plainly.

Many individuals choose vastness Tattoos due to its stylish worth, yet in addition to pass on a significant message or story.

Couples frequently choose Vastness tattoos as an image of their timeless love and dedication. Couples might add heart shapes or the name of their accomplice to the plan to additionally stress the strength of their association.

Lightning Bolt

Lightning bolts are notable images of solidarity and power. They can be used to signify one’s intelligence, bravery, or morality.

It may also be a symbol of honesty and intuition. Furthermore, it has been linked to magic and the supernatural.

Lightning bolts symbolize power and strength, as well as the capacity to rise above adversity. When combined with clouds, this image conveys the human will’s triumph in facing down any storm that comes their way.

Lightning bolts can be seen as positive symbols, but it’s essential to be culturally sensitive when applying them as Tattoo. While some symbols have special significance to you personally, others may interpret them differently.