The Still Standing Tattoo – 5 Quotes That Mean Something to You

Tattooing something meaningful to you is an excellent way to personalize your design. Quote tattoos and designs that honor family members or significant others are both great options for this.

Before applying words onto your skin, there’s one thing you should keep in mind. That’s fade resistance. Fading is partly determined by how much light reflects off the ink. It is also determined by how sensitive the letters are to touch.

1. Carpe diem

Carpe diem, a Latin phrase meaning “seize the day,” is a slang term for a day in the life of a person. It is an aphorism that many people are familiar with. It’s an encouraging message and serves as a reminder that life should be lived to its fullest.

It serves as a cautionary tale and reminder not to put too much faith in the future. This can be an empowering lesson for any individual.

Carpe diem tattoos come in many different forms. From text and flowers to other elements. They make for a great choice for both men and women alike. They can be integrated into any design.

2. Spiral

Spirals are one of the most ubiquitous shapes in nature. Not only do they exist as part of our DNA, but they are also part of our DNA. Many microstructures within cells also take this shape.

Spiral symbols have been utilized for millennia in art, religion and philosophy. They’re also prevalent in occult belief systems. They are also prevalent in earth divination systems and event patterning.

The spiral symbol is a cyclical representation of life and energy that symbolizes the natural cycle. It holds great power for those who believe in reincarnation and immortality. It is a symbol of the natural cycle. It holds great power for those who believe in reincarnation and immortality.

3. I’m fine

A well designed tattoo is more than a piece of artwork. It’s an expression of yourself and a tribute to the past, present and future. It also serves as a great way to share part of yourself with others. Which is the reason such countless individuals wear matching Tattoos at occasions like actually standing. Not exclusively will you fabricate associations with individual people through tattooing. Yet, you’ll have a valuable chance to flaunt your most recent magnum opus before similar people. Those can chuckle alongside you about any blemishes. Or quirks that make each unique. It ultimately is what this whole process was all about in the first place!

4. Mental strength

Mental strength is a collection of skills that can help you think, feel and do your best in life. It is a collection of skills that can help you think, feel and do your best in life. It includes the capacity to identify irrational thoughts. And replace them with more realistic inner monologues. It also includes the capacity to self-compassion when feeling down.

Strength includes knowing when to ask for support. A mental feat. Whether it’s a difficult relationship or a tough work. Asking for help is hard. Honesty about your needs is hard. Strength demands more than asking. Accepting it demands strength.


5. The sky’s the limit

The sky’s the limit symbolises our potential. This T-shirt phrase may be cliché. Working long hours and feeling accomplished motivates it. A mantra can help you in times of need, regardless of your experience. Always carry it to stay inspired. Make one mantra your default. Most people have goals. Some projects are too huge to handle alone.

6. Owl

The owl is a timeless icon in Tattoo art. It symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and spirituality.

Its large eyes are sure to catch the attention, especially in bright colors. Plus, it looks quite lifelike as a real bird.

No matter your style, an owl Tattoo can be a great choice. Not only is it instantly recognizable, but they hold deep significance for many around the world.