Small Snake Sternum Tattoos

Sternum tattoos are popular for women looking to express their style through body art.  They’re also an ideal way to mark special occasions or pay homage to a loved one who has passed away.

With their long, thin shape, Snakes make for stunning sternum Tattoos.  Snakes symbolize change and can be interpreted in many ways.

Sun and Moon

Sun and moon tattoos are popular among those seeking balance, harmony, and unity in life.  These symbols also often symbolize the cycle of life and death—the duality of good and evil.

The sun and moon are commonly featured in vibrant tattoo designs.  I am making them a great choice for those seeking an eye-catching piece of body art.  Couples may also opt for matching tattoos to express their love for one another.


One of the classic Tattoo designs is a small snake.  You can ink it horizontally for a simple design or vertically for more detail.

The snake symbolizes fertility, renewal, and transformation, combined with flowers, for an even stronger impact.

Another popular choice for sternum Tattoos is geometric patterns.  These can be simple or detailed and fit perfectly into the small space on the sternum.

A small sternum Tattoo is ideal for those who want to display their body art.  This intimate area can easily be covered, allowing you to express yourself on your terms.


The dagger tattoo on the sternum is a popular symbol of life and death.  It can be used for personal reflection or as a memorial to a lost loved one.

Sabrike sternum Tattoos can also be an inspiring symbol to mark the beginning of a new cycle.  Similar to how mandalas are popular for sternums.

Dot-style Tattoos are commonly created using the hand-poked technique.  It requires inserting a tiny needle into each dot.  At the same time, this method requires more time than using an automatic tattoo machine.  The results can be excellent when creating small and delicate designs.

Dot Style

Dot-style tattoos are an elegant way to adorn your sternum.  These designs are created through multiple small dots, also called dot-work designs.

This tattoo is ideal for women looking to express their femininity.  It features a delicate and sultry design reminiscent of lace and lingerie.

This seductive design showcases floral motifs on some underboob areas.  The floral elements are engraved in bold black lines with shades of grey at their centers.


Spiders are enchanting symbols often associated with wisdom, fertility, harmony, and balance.  Their webs are intricate and detailed, suggesting they’re intelligent creatures.

The spider tattoo design is popular among women, symbolizing feminine power and strength.  It’s also an ideal choice for those who have undergone significant growth or change.

One popular design choice for a sternum tattoo is the snake.  Its long, thin shape blends seamlessly with this area.  This symbolism symbolizes a new beginning with its shed skin.  It can be personalized according to the wearer’s preferences.

Dragon and Snake

Tattoos featuring dragons and snakes are a popular choice.  These symbols blend with flowers, moons, and plants to add depth.

The Chinese dragon symbolizes power, might, immortality, and wisdom.

Alternatively, the snake symbolizes rebirth and transformation.  It can also be seen as a powerful symbol of healing and protection.