Popular Designs For Small Neck Tattoos Female

Tattoos on the neck can be an attractive and distinctive option for women.  So make sure that the design you select suits your personality.

Necks are relatively small, giving artists the perfect canvas to craft beautiful, intricate tattoo designs.  Here are some of the best neck Tattoos for women.

Music Notes

Music notes are a beloved Tattoo design for women.  They symbolize love, passion for music, energy, and hope.

Small neck tattoos for females are a popular design choice.  It looks great on either the side or back of the neck.  It is ideal for women with fair skin tones.

A musical note heart tattoo design is another ideal option for this type of design.  It turns the symbol of music into a heart, symbolizing your passionate devotion to it.


Stars are an elegant way to express your admiration for something.  They convey hope, faith, transformation, ambition, and homecoming.

Stars obtain energy from fusion, in which gas atoms combine to form heavier elements.  This process steadily connects the heat of a star’s core with its brightness and keeps it burning.

Hydrogen-infused light and helium-carbon warmth make a star beautiful.  It creates an infinite chain of light and heat.  It gives a star its grace, elegance, and majestic appearance.


Lips are a popular design choice for small female neck tattoos.  They convey various messages, from sensuality and passion to intimacy and lust.

A neck lips Tattoo is sexy.  It can also be ideal for showcasing your partner’s favorite color.

Before getting a lip tattoo, you must select an experienced artist.  Ask to see their credentials and confirm they have undergone thorough training and certification in the Tattoo industry.


Cross Tattoos are an ideal choice for spiritual and religious individuals.  They symbolize devotion to their religion and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice in saving the world.

These designs can be inked large or small and appeal to women of all ages.  Additionally, they may be embellished with flowers or other imagery.

They can go on the front or rear of the neck.  They are less susceptible to fading than other places on the body.  Side Neck

Small neck tattoos female are an excellent option for women looking to ink something meaningful on their bodies.  These can range from the name of someone special to short inspirational messages.

They can also be simple words that bring joy or teach you something important about life.  You could even ink a zodiac sign – a representation of your personality!

Due to their lower pain threshold, the sides of the neck are perfect for meaningful Tattoos.  Unfortunately, this also means that recovery time in this area may be longer.

Back of the Neck

First-time tattoos on the back of the neck are painless.  It can be hidden with hair or a turtle neck hat.

This area is ideal for small, delicate designs that might not fit elsewhere on the body.

Some women enjoy getting neck tattoos that express their personality and sense of style.  Vanessa Hudgens’ back has a blackwork butterfly.  The butterfly perfectly embodies modern trends.