Small Frog Tattoos

Something about a small frog tattoo commands attention – people stop and stare in wonderment!

Tattoos can be quite popular and, when styled correctly, look beautiful.

Tattoo ideas of frogs come in many varieties, each with its special significance.  Some even look lifelike!

Frog and ramen

If you’re a big fan of frogs and love ramen, this tattoo design is the ideal match!  It’s simple but looks super adorable!

Frogs are a common theme in Japanese Irezumi, often seen holding leaves, instruments or food.  They may even be dressed up as samurai warriors.

Frogs in Japan are believed to bring back what has been lost and be a sign of spring and youth.

A frog is also a symbol of protection.  In Japanese, “Kaeru” translates to “return,”.  It is believed that frogs will safely bring people home after their journeys.

Frog with a flower

A small frog tattoo with a flower is an adorable, minimalist Tattoo design.  This design would look great on women due to its simplicity, sweetness, and artistic quality.

This stunning frog tattoo has a green background and delicate, curved stems.  Its simplicity also makes it perfect for those who appreciate minimal Tattoo designs—making it the perfect choice.

Floral designers love flower frogs (also known as pin frogs or Kenyans).  Not only are they reusable and durable.  They are also eco-friendly – helping create stunning garden-style floral arrangements.

Frog with a gold coin

The money frog is commonly referred to as Chan Chu.  It is a popular Feng Shui charm believed to bring good luck.  It often appears near houses or businesses during the full moon.  It is typically associated with financial success.

The frog is believed to drive away evil, protect property and increase income.  It holds a gold coin in its mouth and often appears sitting atop an array of coins.

This stunning polyresin money frog has a high gloss gold plating finish.  It features ruby eyes and a separate Chinese lucky coin for its mouth.

ChanChu, the three-legged toad, is believed to drive away evil.  He protects goods and money and increases income.  He sits atop an array of ancient Chinese coins with a golden coin in his mouth.  He brings wealth into homes and offices alike.

Frog on the earlobe

A small frog tattoo is an eye-catching choice for a Tattoo design.  Not only will it add some fun to the earlobe.  But it’s sure to stand out in any crowd.

Frogs don’t have visible ears, but they do have hearing apparatus.  It includes the tympanic membrane or tympanum.  They also have a cartilage called the tympanic ring, which helps transmit sounds into their inner ear system.  The tympanum also has the east can tube.  The tube helps equalize the pressure of water inside their ears while swimming.  Not only does this organ detect sound waves in the air.  But it also plays a significant role in their ability to distinguish the direction of sound.

Frog on back

Frogs possess skin glands which produce mucous coating to keep their bodies moist.  It allows them to breathe through their skin and absorb extra oxygen.

Frogs have a special drinking patch on their belly and beneath their thighs.  It allows them to absorb water through their skin.  They don’t have to swallow it like humans do.  Their skin glands contain lipids, antibacterials, and other beneficial substances that aid survival.

This small frog is known as a Crucifer, meaning “cross-bearer”.  It can be found throughout North Carolina in various habitats like ponds and wetlands.  It slows streams and wooded areas.  When breeding in springtime, it makes an annoying rattling call.