Samurai Tattoos – Strong and Courageous

Wearing a samurai tattoo expresses strength and bravery.  It represents your connection to warriors.  Who stood up for their beliefs and those they loved.  It serves as a reminder that you are no ordinary mortal.  This symbolism should inspire you to strive towards great things in life.

Samurai tattoos also represent the Bushido code.  It’s an array of honourable principles.  That is guided by samurai culture and practice.  Those who choose samurai Tattoos often take great pride in being part of this longstanding tradition.


1.  Samurai and Sword

Samurai and swords are iconic signs.   That appears throughout many cultures and stories.  They signify strength, bravery and the ability to overcome problems.

This tattoo can be an inspiring sign that you embody these values.  And are ready to tackle any difficulties life throws at you.  It also conveys that you are separated.  And willing to take on the world when necessary.

Samurai were fierce warriors who valued honour above all else.  Suppose you take discipline seriously and live by your rules.  A samurai tattoo may be perfect for displaying these values to those around you.


2.  Samurai and Cat

Samurai are iconic marks in Japanese culture.  They were seen as the pinnacle of masculinity and upheld a code of conduct.  It’s known as “Bushido,” founded on Zen Buddhist principles such as honesty, self-discipline and frugal living.

Samurai are symbols of strength, bravery and dedication.  They were warriors who followed the Bushido code.  And they sacrificed everything to honour their ancestors.

Kazuki Kitamura stars in Samurai Cat as a masterless samurai.  Who becomes embroiled in an epic street battle between two cat-loving gangs.  It’s after being offered the chance to assassinate a dog prisoner.  However, when his beloved feline companion melts his heart and teaches him compassion, the ronin finds peace and redemption.


3.  Samurai and Lion

The lion is a powerful animal symbolizing bravery, strength and commitment.  It also lives in packs known as pride.  It’s social groups of animals living together in harmony.

A lion tattoo is excellent for anyone wanting strength, control and independence.  Men, in particular, may find this design beneficial in emphasizing their masculinity and power.

Another famous lion design is a lion with cubs.  This Tattoo is favoured among parents.  It represents their deep love for their children.

You can show you’re a man of strength with a samurai and lion shoulder tattoo.  This design will surely draw admiration from everyone around you.

4.  Samurai and Red

Samurai Tattoos are an elegant way to add flair and meaning to your body.  These warriors were renowned for their courage.  And ferocity when faced with hardship.  Furthermore, they displayed great loyalty to their masters.

Samurai tattoos are a wonderful way to confirm your strength and bravery.  Not only will it add an eye-catching element to your personality.

5.  Samurai and Blue

Samurai Tattoos are a popular choice among both men and women in Japan.  These elite warriors were guardians of their people, culture, and territory.

They adhered to a code of conduct known as bushido.  Or the way of warriors.  This body art is stunningly beautiful and intricately designed.  So an experienced tattoo artist should only do it.

This tattoo is ideal for showing off your bold, dominant side.  When decorated in red, it illustrates balance, energy and power.

Samurai blue (Shi Qing) or indigo is a colour with global appeal.  That was once popular in ancient Rome, Greece, India, China and Japan.

6.  Samurai and Black

Samurai tattoos are a powerful symbol of strength and courage.  And an iconic part of Japanese culture.  They may also be associated with good luck or loyalty.

Samurai are iconic figures in Japanese history.  It often symbolises bravery, strength and honour.  This tattoo is an excellent way to demonstrate devotion.  And loyalty to your family and country.

This tattoo is a straightforward design.  It features just the black outline of a samurai.  But it will stand out on your skin and create an impact.  It’s especially suitable for lone wolves proud of their independent spirit.