Popular King and Queen Crown Tattoo Designs

Crown tattoos are a timeless and popular design that symbolizes royalty and power.

Rose Crown

Rose crowns have been an iconic piece of feminine jewelry for centuries, crafted out of wildflowers with folklore motives.  Or exotic compositions that blend ancient traditions.  And contemporary fashion trends.  Rose crowns remain a particular item today.

A flower placed at the center of a crown symbolizes beauty, confidence, balance, love, and devotion.

Your crown tattoos can be further emphasized with flowers to convey purity, innocence, and faithfulness.

A rose crown is ideal for expressing your devotion to someone special.  You can incorporate the name into the design.  It reminds them of your everlasting love for them.

If you prefer to stay detailed with your Tattoos, a fine-line crown may be for you.  Black lines look mysterious against the skin.  It’s while white pays subtle tribute to an exquisite flower.

Skull and Flower Crown

The skull Tattoo design is one of the most sought-after tattoo styles.  You can incorporate it into a design with flowers.  And other images, or go minimalist with just the skull.

A crown tattoo is a popular design.  And it can be inked on any part of the body.  It’s such as the neck, shoulder, or back.  Not only does it symbolize power.  But it also makes for an impressive statement all by itself.

You can opt for a crown tattoo that features all lines and shapes.  A sophisticated style often associated with Jean-Michel Basquiat.  This versatile design can be inked in any color.

The cross is a famous symbol with skull and crown Tattoos.  It represents Jesus’ reward in heaven after dying on the cross.  You can add a flaming sword for even more significant Christian symbolism to this design.

Watercolor Crown

Crown tattoos are an elegant way to display power and royalty.  Women especially enjoy them.  They can be combined with roses, Roman numerals, or watercolors for a more meaningful message.

Christian symbolism often pairs the crown with the cross to represent heavenly rewards.  And to remind us of Jesus’ passion and death.  This regal artwork serves as a powerful reminder of love and faithfulness.

Watercolor crown Tattoo are an easy and enjoyable way to customize a design that stands out.  With various colors and designs available, you will find one that perfectly expresses your style.