Tattoo Supplies For Professional Tattoo Artists

Professional tattoo artists require a variety of tools to craft stunning artwork. These may include a tattoo machine, needles, tubes, tips, stencil products and an electric supply. The tattoo machine may also include an electric supply.

The Solong Complete Tattoo Kit offers all you need to get started as a tattoo artist. It’s ideal for new artists who want to practice their skills before investing in costly professional equipment.


Tattoo machines are essential tools for applying ink onto skin. This step plays an integral role in creating quality tattoos. It can make or break its success.

Your choice of machine can significantly impact your Tattooing skillset. There are various models available and they can be utilized for various tasks. Such as drawing lines and details, filling areas with color, and more.

One of the most sought-after tattoo machines is a coil machine. These buzz when in use and can easily be programmed, customized, and controlled. The ” ” buzzer is designed for optimal comfort and efficiency.


Tattoo inks are an integral component of any professional tattoo artist’s arsenal. Made up of pigments combined with a carrier ingredient. Tattoo ink penetrates skin to form permanent markings.

When selecting an ink brand, there are five essential considerations to keep in mind:


Ink consistency is determined by the carrier ingredients used in its formula. This can affect both its flow rate and consistency.


For vibrant hues, look for stable pigments pre-dispersed in the ink. This will save time by eliminating mixing and thinning steps.


Tattoo needles come in various sizes and shapes, each designed for a specific use. Some types are designed specifically for lining. Others can be used for shading work.

Tight round liners are used for technical line work and details. Loose round liners can be used on thicker outlines like those seen in Japanese style Tattoos.

Magnum shaders have the capacity to hold and deliver a lot of ink. This makes them perfect for larger areas of color filling and shading. Furthermore, they require fewer passes over an area to blend the ink in.

Bugpin needles feature the same basic design as magnum or round needles. Only with smaller pins. They offer greater precision and control than non-bugpin options. They enable finer details.

Tubes & Tips

Tubes and tips are essential tools for any tattoo artist’s arsenal. Not only do they aid in needle insertion with precision. They also enable safe cleaning and ensure optimal ink flow.

They come in an assortment of materials, shapes and sizes. Some can be constructed from specialised Cheyenne grips. Others can be constructed from stainless steel or more for maximum versatility.

The best tubes and tips are often work ready, sterilized, and packaged safely. This is important for both clients and practitioners. Bulk purchases may be pricey but worth it. If you want your supplies to last. Investing in quality tube/tip combos makes all the difference when it comes to productivity. Select ones with a superior design made of medical-grade material. These are autoclavable for added safety.


Selecting the proper tattoo gloves is one of the most essential steps. You can take to protect both yourself and your clients from potential hazards. The proper tattoo gloves are a must-have for tattoo artists to protect both themselves and their clients from potential hazards. The primary function of gloves is to reduce cross-contamination. They also help eliminate stains caused by blood or ink spills.

Latex gloves are an ideal choice for tattoo artists. They provide protection from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Furthermore, latex gloves help prevent the spread of allergens.

Vinyl gloves are thicker and stronger than latex. But they can restrict hand and finger movement. This poses a problem for tattoo artists. They rely on fine hand movements in their work.

Nitrile gloves are an ideal choice for tattoo artists due to their thin nature. And superior protection from chemicals, abrasions, and tears.