Polynesian Tribal Tattoos

Polynesian tattoos come in various shapes, sizes and colours that can be customized to fit your preferences.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular styles!

Tattoos in Polynesian culture are highly revered.  They symbolize the mana, or divine essence, of those being inked.


Polynesian tattoos are a stunning fusion of traditional and modern designs.  They suit men and women.  And can be proudly worn as a permanent artwork.

Polynesian tribal tattoos often feature the arms as the most prominent design element.  However, these can be placed anywhere.  They are seen as a testament to strength and endurance.  And can also be used for spirituality or creativity.

Polynesian Tattoos often showcase symbols associated with the ocean.  It’s such as turtle carapace textures, shark teeth or waves.

Another iconic symbol is the spearhead, signifying strength and courage in battle.  This can be depicted as a single symbol.  Or in an interlocking pattern of spearheads pointing in one direction.

Men often opt for this complete sleeve design to show off their arms in an eye-catching way.  They feature curling negative space shapes and expert shading.  It is packed with symbolic meaning.


Polynesian tattooing emphasizes the significance of legs.  And feet as body parts that connect to both the upper portion and spiritual realm.

Polynesian culture associates men with the lower part of their bodies and the earth.  Man is said to be descended or born of Rangi (Heaven) and Papa (Earth).

The legs are often inked with symbols representing heaven or earth to symbolise this bond.  For instance, the sun symbol is frequently featured in Polynesian tribal Tattoos.  It symbolises riches, brilliance, leadership, and rebirth.

Another famous symbol is the turtle.  It symbolizes good health, fertility and long life.  This majestic animal also represents the ocean.  And it is said to bring people closer to their ultimate resting place.


Polynesian tribal Tattoos are expressive artwork.  It conveys messages about the wearer’s heritage and culture.  Shoulders are popular locations for these types of tattoos.

Traditionally, shoulder artworks signify strength and bravery.  They may also depict a person’s connection to nature or the gods.

One of the iconic symbols used in Polynesian tribal Tattoos is the spearhead.  This symbol symbolizes courage, strength, and protection from animals’ stings.

Shark teeth are another popular traditional design.  It’s used in these types of tattoos to symbolize protection.  And the guidance that Polynesian people receive from their ancestors.

These shoulder designs often have several patterns.  It’s making them intricate and detailed.


Polynesian tribal tattoos can be placed virtually anywhere on the body.  But it’s often best to select a spot to emphasize their symbolism.  For instance, if you want your design to symbolize strength.  Consider placing it on your upper arm or shoulder.

Conversely, if you want to showcase your appreciation of nature, consider choosing a shoulder placement.  These areas boast organic anatomical lines.  And intricate patterns ideal for large, bold designs.

Women were traditionally drawn to floral motifs in Polynesian tattoos.  Hibiscuses, for instance, symbolize wealth, brilliance and leadership.

Shark teeth and ocean waves are often featured in Polynesian Tattoo designs.  It represents Polynesian people’s primary source of life.  And their resilience and adaptability.  The turtle, known as honu (Hoa), is also vital in Polynesian culture.  It is believed to bring good health and longevity.