Pictures of Infected Tattoos

Many individuals will notice redness, swelling, rashing, or itching near their tattoo as signs that it has become infected. Tattoo infections are caused by bacteria and viruses entering the skin through improper hygiene and sanitation protocols by tattoo artists.

Red Streaks:

Tattoos often bleed during their healing process, which is normal. However, it could indicate infection if they start developing thick crusty scabs that ooze and don’t begin to fall off over time. Pulling off these scabs could introduce germs into the wounds and lead to blood poisoning. Long red lines emanating from tattooed areas are another sign of infection, indicating septicemia. Immediate medical attention is required in such cases.


Tattoo healing may cause temporary discomfort, redness, and swelling, but if these symptoms persist for over a week or become extremely painful, it could be a sign of infection. Additionally, if the tattoo becomes hot to the touch or if there are swollen lymph nodes near its location, it may indicate a condition. Unusual oozing or scabbing should be monitored closely, especially around fever-prone areas like the legs.


Tattooing can result in various skin infections, often due to unclean inks or water used by tattoo artists. A mild fever is normal, but a high temperature or persistent fever suggests infection and requires immediate medical attention. Healthcare professionals should also address Pus with a foul smell or yellowish-green color.


While Tattoos may itch at some point during the healing process, excessive itching, pain, or fluid oozing indicates further spread of infection. It needs prompt medical treatment to prevent bacterial spread and reduce scarring.

Consulting a doctor and following their advice is crucial for maintaining the health of an infected tattoo. Proper hygiene during the tattooing process and appropriate aftercare can help prevent infections. To avoid infection, finding a reputable tattoo artist who follows good hygiene and sterilization techniques is essential.