Norse mythology Tattoo picture designs

When it comes to mythology picture designs, the Vikings are not the first culture to develop symbols related to it, yet the Vikings did figure out how to carve images that meant something, as all of us learned in school. Norse mythology picture designs can be easily classified as animal images with human attributes and stories about them. The most famous of these mythical creatures is the Odinn, which is a sea monster. Here are some ideas for getting an Odinn picture design.

Among the most common motifs in Norse mythology picture designs are the raven and the hammer of the hammer-wound man. The symbol of the hammer-wound man with his hammer embedded in his foot is commonly associated with the Viking era because it usually signifies that the Vikings won’t rest until they have laid down the hammer of the enemy king. Another symbol that looks good when it is embroidered into the skin as an Odinn design is the Yggdrasil. The Yggdrasil is a mythological object that every male human should see in his life. It is a replica of the tree of life, or Ygg, which is the tree that resembles the mother tree to the Norse women. Many a tattoo artist uses the Yggdrasil as a base for their Odinn and Celtic loki tattoos designs.

A fenrir is another popular motif in the mythology of the Vikings. A fenrir is a hammer with an eye on it represents the avenger. Unlike the other designs that are associated with Odnits and the loki, a fenrir Tattoo can signify the entire group of the gods who came to earth before the sun sets. The sun does not set in Scandinavia but in the Northern Sea, hence the names of the Nordic deities. The hammer of the avenger is then used to drive away the evil beings that are aligned against mankind.