Nissaco Tattoo Book Review

Osaka tattoo artist Nissaco is known for his optical illusion geometric patterns.  He creates enormous pieces without stencils utilizing brilliant geometric patterns, swirls, and delicate linework.  He creates gorgeous tattoos using nature’s clouds, rocks, waves, and flowers.  Book ahead if you want one from him.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are an excellent way to add texture and dimension to your tattoo design.  Plus, they’re customizable according to individual preferences.  So that it perfectly reflects who you are as a person.

By adding colour to geometric designs, they can take on a life of their own.  Depending on the chosen hues, this may create the illusion of three-dimensional art.

You can achieve the same effect using blackwork techniques in your Tattoo design.  Artists often contrast saturated black ink and negative space to produce stunning visual effects on the skin.

This style of tattoo is popular among both men and women.  They are making it a good option for those seeking a subtler design.  Those seeking symbolic meaning from their tattoo may desire to hide it.

When considering getting a geometric tattoo, it’s wise to research its symbolism beforehand.  Geometric designs often have spiritual meaning.


Blackwork Tattooing is an artistic style of tattoo that utilizes only black ink.  This ancient Polynesian art form has gained widespread recognition among contemporary artists for its versatility.  It can achieve various aesthetics with only black ink.

Blackwork Tattoos were once used to signify social rank and ancestry.  However, they are now increasingly seen as expressions of one’s style.

Artists such as Nisaco and Gakkin are masters of Blackwork Tattoos.  They created bold and stunning works with geometric elements.  Their designs blend traditional Japanese styles with innovative experiments.

Their pieces incorporate traditional elements like dragons, waves, flowers, snakes and koi fish.  However, their work goes further than just following the traditional aesthetic.  They draw from ancient Indian philosophy and sacred geometry-inspired Hindu scriptures.

Traditional Japanese

Beautiful Japanese tattoos depict mythical heroes, Buddhist deities, animals, and flowers.  This book presents traditional Japanese designs from renowned artists and clients in photos and descriptions.

Japanese tattoos often use folklore or historical figures to represent a personal event.  The designs usually revolve around one narrative or symbolic subject.  They are then embellished with other complementary elements for visual interest.

Sarakes, for instance, are seen as a symbol of wisdom and protection against illness, disaster and bad luck.  Furthermore, snakes possess healing and medicinal properties.

This book covers the history of traditional Japanese tattooing.  It includes interviews with master artists doing this art form for years.  It’s an invaluable reference for aspiring artists or those passionate about Japanese Tattoos.