Nautical Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Nautical picture design is a popular choice among men who wish to flaunt their ink and at the same time project a tough, bold and respected persona. The archetypal symbol of manhood, the flag of the sailor has always had a long history as a fitting tattoo among sailors and others who made the treacherous journey to distant lands. Now, retro nautical imagery has experienced a fresh, archetypal revival particularly among those with an inherent affinity for the ocean life and all that it signifies. A nautical Tattoo sleeve can be the perfect alternative to an exuberant display of tattoo art in the midsection. It is also among the most popular picture designs preferred by men who wish to express their rugged, freedom-loving and yet honorable nature.

Modern tattoos are no longer restricted to just the arms alone. Most men nowadays prefer to go all the way down to their ankles and also have the inkwork of their desired picture design extending up till the calves of their legs. Men who want to flaunt an ink Tattoo on their lower limb would do well to opt for a nautical tattoo as this particular design will definitely exude a sense of rugged masculinity. Most people tend to think of the tattoo as being a masculine ornament when actually it is a form of body adornment, which helps create and portray an aura of strength and courage in a man.

Nautical Image ideas can also be applied to the arms, hands, legs and chest. If you wish to add a more intense and powerful impact to your chosen design, then the top of your arm and back arm regions can be tattooed with the same design or a variation of it. These Tattoo sleeves are also ideal for adding an intimidating impact on people who dare to gaze upon your picture designs. With these Image ideas and designs are getting more popular day by day amongst tattoo enthusiasts, it is only right that more tattoo enthusiasts are opting for tattoo sleeves to complete their picture designs.

There are so many great nautical tattoo sleeve design ideas out there. This is one reason why most people decide to get a nautical star or anchor Tattoos in the first place. But what makes these small picture design ideas so great? For one, they are extremely unique, and only a fraction of the size of large tattoos. Also, they allow for much more detail than large tattoos, since you can put almost anything into them. The next few paragraphs will go over some of the best nautical Tattoo sleeve design ideas for both small and large tattoos.

So, let’s jump right into some of the smaller nautical tattoo sleeve design ideas that you have out there. The first one we will look at is the US flag. This is probably the most recognizable symbol out there, and this is a great idea for a small tattoo. You can have the flag placed in the upper left corner, with the words “merica” underneath. To make this even better, you can have three other pictures in the shape of the flag, as well as another small phrase in the upper right hand corner of the picture. This would be an excellent choice for a saying such as “freedom never came easy” or “loving your country means loving your fellow man.”

Now, we have two pictures to go over… the last of which is a very good choice for a nautical tattoo sleeve design! The US flag is placed at the top, with another image to its left that resembles a boat steering wheel. Below this is another smaller picture, which depicts a woman on a beach with several shells placed on her back. This is one of the best ideas for nautical Tattoo sleeve designs, and I highly recommend it.