110 Best Native American tattoo Collection of 2020

Native American tattoos are a great way to express yourself and celebrate your heritage. However, there are some things you should know before choosing your design. First, understand your chosen Totem animals. These animals represent an important part of Native American culture. Symbols and meanings of each animal are also important to consider.



Totem animals

Totem animals are a common feature of Native American Tattoo designs. These creatures have symbolic meanings, such as dominion, protection, provision, and indomitable spirit. The eagle, for example, is the totem of warriors. Having a totem on your body symbolizes respect for the totem bird.

These animals have many different meanings, depending on which tribe they belong to. They can symbolize many different things, including survival, wealth, family, and loyalty. They can also signify a strong tribal identity and a commitment to nature. Another common totem animal is the wolf, which can represent brotherhood, loyalty, and resilience. Wolves were once associated with male warriors, but women can also wear them as a symbol of loyalty.

When it comes to totem animal tattoos, it is important to understand the history of this style of body art. In the past, the Sioux tribe believed that the absence of Tattoos would prevent their passage to the next world. This meant that if a warrior passed on without any tattoos, spirits would block their way to the Many Lodges, a world they called Heaven. In the afterlife, a warrior would be met by an old woman who would insist on seeing the Tattoos, or he would not be allowed to enter the afterlife.

Tattoo designs of totem animals vary greatly in style. Some are simply dots or straight lines around joints, while others have intricate geometric designs. Some are more elaborate, featuring animal motifs and local species. The tattooing traditions of the north date back to prehistoric times. If you have a desire to honor your heritage, consider getting a totem animal Tattoo.

While there are many myths and legends about totem animals, the fact remains that Native American tattoos are symbolic and evoke an intense connection to nature. They were historically used as tribal badges, but today are more popular with admirers of ancient culture. However, this tradition is often misunderstood. For this reason, you should be careful when choosing the tribal Tattoo of your choice. The tribal symbols that appear on your body should be representative of the tribe you belong to.

Despite the fact that tattoos with totem animals have ancient meanings, it is important to understand that the tattoos can have different meanings depending on their origin. For example, a tattoo of an American Indian chief is often symbolic of power and independence. Another example is a Tattoo of two wolves howling in the black forest. While some people choose to have their totem animal tattoos inscribed on their bodies, others choose to get them on their thigh.



Native American tattoo symbols often represent life and nature. For example, a butterfly in a tattoo is a symbol of transformation. The butterfly is also a symbol of peace and communication with the spirit world. Other common symbols include the cactus, which represents protection and endurance. These are believed to aid the person in facing tough situations. The cactus is also associated with the concept of change and healing. It is also believed that the raven can bring messages from the spirit world to the individual.

Another popular Native American tattoo symbol is the arrowhead. The arrowhead symbolizes alertness, as it indicates readiness to respond to whatever comes your way. Historically, this was an important symbol for Native Americans, as they were often at war and needed to be aware of what was going on around them. This tattoo symbol is also good for those who do not want to have a large design.

A feather, which is used as a tattoo symbol in many countries, is also considered a powerful symbol. It symbolizes personal power and helps us face life’s twists and turns. Fire, also a common symbol in Native American tattoos, represents purification and renewal, and is a traditional symbol in many ceremonies. The fox, a spiritual animal, is also a popular choice for a tattoo. It represents intelligence and craftiness, and represents a strong connection to the ancestors.

A tattoo design made with a Native American tribal symbol can be incredibly meaningful and powerful. In addition to its symbolism, it evokes a deeper connection to nature and life. Native American tattoo symbols are typically short, with an evocative meaning. However, you can choose to get a more extensive interpretation of a tribal tattoo.

Native American tattoo symbols often feature an animal, usually a spiritual animal. For example, a wolf in a tattoo design symbolizes honor and friendship, while a skull in a tattoo design means dignity and passion. These symbols are very popular in Native American tattoo culture, which values meaning and aesthetics. Originally, this type of body art was used as an alternative to body jewelry.


Native American tattoos have long symbolized protection and defense. They represent an individual’s desire for protection and their willingness to protect others. People all over the world have these tattoos, but the meanings and symbols vary. Generally, arrows are meant to represent protection and control, but the number of arrows may vary.

Native American tattoos are often mistaken for tribal tattoos, but they have a deeper meaning and are not simply for show. They have a powerful spiritual significance, and many Native Americans believed that their tattoos would endow them with supernatural powers. In addition, tattoos were a way of honoring family and ancestry.


Dreamcatchers are among the most popular Native American tattoos, and they can also have symbolic meanings. Dreamcatchers are used by Native American tribes as good luck charms, and they can also symbolize a dream, which many people find comforting. Regardless of its symbolic significance, dreamcatcher tattoos have a rich cultural significance and can be beautiful and meaningful.

Native American tribes had different beliefs when choosing their designs, but many of them believed certain colors had deeper meanings. In the Navajo tribe, for example, the colors blue, white, yellow, and black have a deeper meaning. In addition, white, yellow, and black were associated with sacred mountains. Some tribes chose to use the medicine wheel to represent their circle of life, and the colors associated with the medicine wheel represented birth, growth, and maturity.

Native Americans also used tattoos as a way to mark status and accomplishments. Warriors were often marked with tattoos of battles, and tribal elders took their tattoos very seriously. If a tribesman did not earn his tattoos, he would be stripped of his rights to keep it. In many cases, this meant that the tattoo had to be removed, and it was typically done by cutting off the marked skin.

Traditionally, Native American tattoos were done by a Shaman or other designated individual within the tribe. A sharpened rock or bone was used for the process. These tattoos had spiritual significance and were believed to work as a protective charm. Besides, some believed that the tattoos could endow the person with supernatural powers. In addition, these tattoos had many different design elements.


When it comes to Native American tattoos, placement is an important factor. Most traditional tattoos feature a tribal symbol. Depending on where you have it placed, you can choose to have it on your chest, back, or both. The back of the body is an ideal place for Native American tattoos, as the back is a flat surface and offers a larger canvas. In addition, the entire scene will be visible from behind.

In addition to being beautiful, Native American tattoos represent their culture and history. Many Native Americans used tattoos to express their values, their love for their families, and their tribal identities. Tattoos representing these symbols are commonly bold and often use black ink with strong outlines. In addition, many of these tattoos are paired with a dreamcatcher, which symbolizes protection from evil spirits. Native American men often got their tattoos on their chest, between their shoulder blades, or even their calves.

Some people feel it is disrespectful to have a Native American tribal tattoo on their body if they do not belong to the tribe. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If you are not related to a tribe, you may want to think about other tattoo styles. Choosing a tattoo that you like and that represents your personality and beliefs may be the best way to feel good about yourself and others.