Native American Symbols Tattoos

Native American symbols and tattoos are an excellent way to showcase your cultural heritage.  They look great at the same time.  They provide a meaningful design for those seeking a timeless piece.

Many tribes across North America utilize symbolic Tattoos to commemorate achievements, social status and religious practices.


The arrow has long been an emblem of Native American culture.  It is used to signify strength, protection and direction.  Depending on how it’s depicted, an arrow may signify power, protection, or direction.

Arrows symbolize protection and defence, while two arrows pointing in opposite directions signify war.  A broken arrow also signifies peace.

Bundled arrows symbolized unity and strength in numbers.  While one arrow could easily be broken, a bundle of five would remain resilient.

An arrow tattoo on the side of the body is a popular choice due to its subtlety and versatility.  You can combine it with other shapes and motifs to create unique designs.  You stand out from the crowd.


Feathers make great Tattoo designs, whether you’re searching for an emblem of freedom or strength.  The eagle feather is a popular option.  But you can choose from many other birds with symbolic meanings as well.

Native American culture regards feathers as having spiritual significance.  They are used in religious rites to signify connections to the higher spiritual realm.  They serve as reminders of the god’s power.

Feather headdresses are a classic Native American symbol found in tattoos, representing courage, honour and leadership.  These might be simple single-feather designs or intricate multi-plume designs.


Native American culture places great value on symbols.  They use them to convey ideas and feelings through artwork.  Even tattoo them directly onto themselves for added protection.

Symbols in Native American art were often meant to signify something important to their culture.  It could be an animal, tree, or something geometric representing a celestial body.

Another popular Native American tattoo was an arrowhead.  This symbol signifies alertness and wariness.  These people always had to be aware of their environment.

Native American tattoos often feature an eagle, representing strength, power, and flight.

Historical scenes

Native American Tattooing has a rich and varied history.  Many tribes from Alaska to South America kept their traditions for generations.

Tattoos were often used to symbolically mark achievements, social status and the coming of age.  Additionally, they served as a way of paying homage to spiritual beliefs and practices.

Native American Tattoos were traditionally created using sharpened bone needles and charcoal.  Although painful and time-consuming, this process was seen as a sacred ritual.


Native American symbol Tattoos typically feature different sleeve designs, such as bat wings, dolman, bell and billowy sleeves.

Bat wings cover this arm sleeve Tattoo.  Tribal societies have long revered them as symbols of power, courage, and spiritual vitality.

These sleeve designs are often featured on other garments like denim jackets and oversized sweaters, both Indian and Western styles.  They’re an excellent way to add unique, stylish, and powerful elements to your ensemble.