Medusa Thigh Tattoo – Find Out What Picture Will Work Best

Medusa tatts come in many different forms and formats. There is an interesting myth regarding this type of tat theme. According to this legend, she was the daughter of the Greek god of wine, Bacchus. However, there are several problems with this version of events, most notably the fact that Bacchus never existed in the Mediterranean world any longer. In addition, it is very difficult to find Bacchus’ symbol, Medusa, in any photograph or print, and that particular god does not have any images associated with her.

If you desire to have a tattoo which is not easily visible, your best bet would probably be on your lower thigh. These tattoos are also very convenient since you can easily conceal it by wearing loose pants or low-cut shirts and show it off in your most flattering swimsuit when you like. It is also one of the easiest body art designs to modify, if you decide you would like to add a new image, such as a flower. Many Medusa tatts also contain a snake-hair maiden, which would make for an interesting Tattoo if you choose to incorporate additional elements into your design.

Women who choose to get inked with a Medusa tattoo, especially on their lower stomach, say that they do so because of their strong religious beliefs and personal experiences. The ancient Greeks believed that Medusa was a mortal woman who was cast into a monster’s body and lost her human memory during the Crisis. This meant that she could not remember her true identity and her true origins. As a result, she could not return to her kingdom, so she had to wander an entire generation without her crown and tiara. Because she was so closely tied to her identity as a goddess, it was important to preserve this part of her original identity in any way possible. This is why you will often see images of Medusa with snakes and olive tattoos (her characteristic wings), making this theme really appropriate for a Tattoo in this location.

Medusa Picture design – Find Out What Picture Will Work Best

When it comes to beautiful tattoos, there are few more striking designs on the body than a Medusa thigh tattoo. This famous Egyptian princess is known for her snakes, magic crown and the ability to make people turn to stone. For women who love the idea of being a powerful warrior but who are still a little intimidated by the image of Medusa, there is an option for a less frightening design that will still leave a lasting impression. A Medusa tattoo is also great for women who enjoy the look of Egyptian gods and goddesses on their bodies but who are unwilling to be associated with such imagery.

If you’re thinking about getting a Medusa picture design you will have a lot of choices to make depending on which part of her body you choose to ink. The lower half of her body is covered in lotus flowers and you can get these Tattooed onto her lower stomach or on the lower back area. The flowers can be complemented by tribal designs which can combine a lotus flower with hieroglyphs and other symbols to create a stunning look.

Another area you can ink a picture design into is on the foot and ankle area of her lower body. These areas are also well covered in lotus flowers and it’s easy to see why the foot and ankle area is such a popular location for a Medusa tattoo. Medusa is often represented by the snakes she uses to trap her enemies and it’s easy to understand how having a picture tattoo of her using a whip or a net to lash those who come to see her might inspire others to seek out the same heroic figure themselves. One other thing to think about when thinking about this type of tattoo is the fact that Medusa was often represented as pregnant. If you’ve got a picture of her in the same position as a pregnant woman then you can even put a few elements from this particular part of her life into your picture design.

Medusa is one of the most famous women in Greek and Roman mythology. The bountiful goddess of the winds was born when her husband Jocasta tricked the god of wine, Dionysus. He transformed her into a wisp of mist and sent her to wander the windswept plain of the Taurus desert, hoping to find a mate for herself. However, the goddess was so captivated by the beauty of her youthful body that she captured her husband in her net and caused him to fall in love with her. This legend tells us that Medusa’s beauty also lured her enemies, resulting in the snakes swallowing her entire kingdom.

It is these snake-haired maiden legends that have given us the image of the Medusa in all her beauty, and while some say that the allure of Medusa was because of her adornment with snakes, I think it more likely has something to do with her powerfulness as a warrior. Regardless of why you want to get inked with this legendary figure, I can almost guarantee that you will be delighted by the many different design options available. This fierce beauty has a multitude of different picture designs, all dedicated to her unique features and characteristics as a warrior princess. You can get a small Medusa thigh tattoo or a large butterfly Medusa Tattoo, but whatever you choose, I’m sure that you’ll appreciate the message that this character and her story are trying to convey.

While there are many different ways to interpret Medusa, the most common interpretations center on her ability to shield her enemies from her sword, and to bring down those who would try to cross her. These are the messages that you can get inked onto your body, because no matter how you interpret the symbols placed upon them, what matters is that you take pleasure in the message that is being conveyed. So if you choose to get inked with Medusa, I encourage you to read up on the different theories that the symbols represent, because I want you to understand the depth of their meaning before you get inked. But if you choose not to, you’re just as welcome to enjoy the chosen design as I am.