How Marriage Ring Tattoos Can Make Your Wedding Even More Special

Marriage ring tattoos are an exquisite symbol of your undying love for each other.  They add a personal touch to your wedding day.

When selecting a design to tattoo your ring finger, There are plenty of options that fit with both your style and aesthetic.  When making your selection, ensure it complements both.


Inking each other’s initials on marriage rings makes them especially precious.  This simple personalization will last forever if taken care of properly.

These Tattoos can feature both partners’ names, or you could opt to only tattoo one.  Either option looks stunning on a ring finger!

When selecting a design for your wedding, the first step is to discuss it with your future spouse.  They decide together what both of you like.  You can also look online at other couples’ work to get ideas and be inspired!

Sun & Moon

For a wedding ring tattoo that stands the test of time, consider the sun and moon design with bright, shining suns on one side and full moons on the other.  Couples commemorate their love through this design.

Couples looking to memorialize their relationship may opt for sun and moon marriage ring tattoos.  It can also be used to mark special occasions like an anniversary or new addition to the family.

Bow & Arrow

Suppose you and your partner want to express a permanent commitment to each other.  Matching wedding ring Tattoos are an ideal way to do so.  They won’t need removal when doing dishes or other things that might make the tattoo uncomfortable on your finger.  They serve as a constant reminder of the love you share.

This small notched arrow design is an excellent option for a minimalist wedding ring Tattoo idea.  Not only is it straightforward and simplistic.  It symbolizes numerous things, making your partner pleased to show off this distinctive tattoo.

Hearts & Spades

Heart wedding ring Tattoos are perfect for showing your love for your mate.  These designs look particularly romantic when inked using bold colours or black-and-white combinations.

You could also consider getting a lifeline wedding ring tattoo, which symbolizes that your relationship is eternal.  These designs are perfect for individuals who want something timeless but current.


A marriage ring tattoo can be a beautiful symbol of your eternal commitment to your partner.  Plus, these designs tend to be much cheaper than traditional rings.

They won’t slide off or get misplaced because they’re stronger than regular rings.  Some can last a lifetime!

I Promise

Marriage ring tattoos are elegant and thoughtful to commemorate your wedding day vows.  While some couples choose matching rings, others opt for a single design that is more personalized.

Ring finger Tattoos aid couples without jewellery or with large or fragile wedding rings.  Ring finger tattoos symbolize your eternal love and are inexpensive.  Many couples use Roman numerals or meaningful words.