Libra Tattoos For Females

Libra tattoos are a popular choice for females due to their small, minimalistic design and stunning aesthetic on the skin.

Tattoos are an excellent way to express your pride in your star sign—the characteristics you admire about yourself.  You can get a libra tattoo on any body part – wrist, forearm, biceps, neck.  The ear or even on your back!

The Sun

The Sun is one of the most beloved zodiac symbols in astrology.  It symbolizes balance, peace and harmony.

They possess an inquisitive nature and can quickly form friendships.

They strive to maintain balance and truthfulness in their romantic life.  But sometimes, this can prove challenging since they are hopeless romantics!

Tattooing the Sun in Libra can be a unique idea.  They come in an array of styles and can signify many different things.

Librans can tattoo their Sun in any size, shape, or colour.  Some opt for minimalistic designs, while others favour bolder hues.


The Ouroboros is an ancient Egyptian symbol that symbolizes the soul’s rebirth and life’s cycle.  It also represents the balance between light and dark.

An ouroboros tattoo can be fun to express your ideas and beliefs about life.  Choose from either a straightforward design or something more intricate.

You can further personalize it by adding details or changing the tattoo’s colour for added visual interest.  People that want something unique choose ouroboros Tattoos.

The Ouroboros is a powerful symbol that has many interpretations.  Wearing this tattoo can be an excellent way to express your spiritual beliefs.  They wish for rebirth after death or outlook on the end of days.


The scale is an ideal symbol for Libra Tattoos, representing the balance they strive for in life.  This tattoo will be a constant reminder that they should strive for perfect harmony in everything they do.  It provides comfort when life feels out of balance.

Themis was a Greek goddess associated with Libra.  Libra held the scales and symbolized justice and righteousness.  She was also renowned for her fairness and decision-making abilities.

This beautiful libra tattoo shows a woman holding the scales while blindfolded.  It indicated that she would solely act on facts and not feelings.

This intricate Libra tattoo will look amazing on any woman.  It demonstrates the skill and artistry that goes into these designs.

Lady Justice

Lady Justice is a popular Tattoo design suitable for any woman born under the sign Libra.  She symbolizes justice.  She wears a blindfold and toga.  Her sword symbolizes her might.

Tattoos often feature clouds or rays of sunlight for added symbolism.  But only on their claims/evidence.