Joshua Tattoo Designs

Joshua is an artist specializing in portraiture and black-and-grey realism. He enjoys fusing elements of art with tattooing. He uses the techniques to create unique designs.

Joshua’s right arm bears a tattoo of what appears to be an African map. The word wisdom is etched beneath it. It serves as both a nod to his heritage and an inspiring reminder of the value of education.


Joshua is an experienced tattoo artist specializing in black and grey realism. He creates large-scale conceptual pieces that often include portraits. He enjoys working on objects and animals.

Joshua, a professional tattooer from Portland, Oregon, and a member of Esoteric Tattoo Art Studio. Joshua has extensive experience with both freehand and in-person consultation based designs. He has a passion for design and is a master of consultation based designs.

Season 2 of Ink Master saw Josh endure criticism from both sides of the studio. The first season was a slam dunk from both sides of the studio. Despite this, Josh remained confident in his design. He had sound reasoning behind his decisions.

In the portrait challenge segment of the episode, each contestant had to create an Asian-themed tattoo. The contestants had to create an Asian-themed Tattoo. The contestants had to use live models as references. Ultimately, Kyle and Tatu Baby won the best Tattoo.

Black and Grey Realism

Black and grey realism tattoos are breathtaking photo-realistic three-dimensional artworks created by artists using varying shades of black ink. The Tattoos are created with varying shades of black ink. To achieve such realistic effects, one must possess an intuitive understanding of light and shade. One must also master ink mixing, blending, and shading techniques to add depth and dimension.

As with all Tattoos, black and grey realism can fade over time. If proper aftercare isn’t provided. To protect the skin from UV exposure, avoid picking at the tattoo, and keep it clean and moisturized. It’s essential to take proper precautions.

Josh is a black-and-grey stylist. Black and grey designs are ageless and tough, so he prefers them. Black and grey designs are durable, therefore he likes them. Request a free consultation today. Discover his services!

Realistic tattoos can immortalise a loved one. Person, landscape, or animal. A realistic tattoo can last forever with careful planning and excellent application. Lasts forever.


Animal tattoos are a popular tattoo subject, and they can be highly symbolic. Animals symbolize growth, rebirth, beauty, love, and freedom. Some designs are whimsical, while others are classic, like birds, lions, snakes, or lizards.

Joshua’s Tattoo designs often include animals. He expresses a love of nature and an affinity with animals. These designs can be inked onto the back, chest, or limbs.

Traditional animal Tattoos by skilled tattooer Joshua Marks look great on any skin tone. His strong black lines contrast wonderfully with brilliant traditional colours. Joshua’s style comes from his artistic background. He likes to paint portraits, objects, and conceptual paintings with astonishing visual effects. Detail-oriented and color-savvy. He can design any tattoo.


Joshua is no stranger to getting inked. In 2012, he proudly displayed the Team GB logo – featuring a lion – between his neck and shoulders. This was a memento of his momentous victory at the London Olympics.

A London tattoo parlour inked the British heavyweight two months after his first loss to Andy Ruiz Jr. He was thrilled to get the latest.

The boldest heavyweight boxers have tattoos. This one sticks out and merits its position on our list. This psychedelic beauty will dazzle your senses and eyes. Colour over 100 gorgeous designs. One page per design eliminates bleed-through. So you can frame or hang pages for visual impact.