Why Get a Jesus Tattoo?

Many get a Jesus tattoo to testify their devotion and trust in Him.  They may want to commemorate His sacrifice and devotion.  And forgiveness or being part of the Christian community.

If you’re searching for a tattoo that describes your devotion to Jesus.   Consider bringing one with a cross.

This iconic symbol of Christianity can be inked in either color or black ink.  It depends on personal preferences.

 The cross with a crown

A tattoo of Jesus with a crown is an smart way to show devotion.  It represents power, hope, and devotion.

This tattoo can also symbolize the struggle between good and evil.  It’s an effective design.  Show that you are dedicated to your beliefs.  And strive to become the best person possible.

Jesus Christ is one of history’s most beloved figures.  And His picture has inspired millions to pursue holiness and goodness.  No wonder so many chooses to have him tattooed on their bodies!

For a meaningful tattoo expressing your devotion to Jesus, consider getting one incorporating He and the Bible.  You can use a photograph of Him for personalization.  Or incorporate other images into it for a more elaborate design.

A cross with a crown is an interesting design for a Jesus Tattoo.  It means his role as king of the kingdom of heaven.

To Christians, this means He is greater than any earthly monarch.

 The cross is nailed to a cross.

A cross nailed to a cross is one of the iconic images of Jesus.  It illustrates both dying and hope.

For centuries, Christians have used the image of crucifixion as a symbol.  But it was in the Middle Ages.  That Christians began using it as an emblem.

Though we lack contemporary accounts of Jesus’ crucifixion, scripture paints a vivid picture.

In one passage, Galatians 2:20 refers to it as the “destruction of the flesh.”

Many people mistakenly assume Jesus was nailed through his hands.  However, this is not entirely accurate.  More likely, the nails went through his wrist where the flesh of his hand would have been powerful enough.  To bear any weight that came their way.

When someone was crucified, the Romans often tied their arms together with cloth.  Or rope to support their full body weight.

This ensured they couldn’t fall off the cross.  And would experience a slow, agonizing end.

 The cross with a halo

Christian sacred art often depicts holy persons with a halo.  Or an illuminated circle around their heads.  This was originally a pagan practice.  But becoming part of Christian art around the fourth century.

A halo can also be seen as a representation of the Trinity.  A triangular halo signifies God the Father.  While Jesus Christ usually wears a square halo.

The halo has been an iconic element in Christian art throughout its history.

This ancient pagan iconography was first developed in Greece and Rome.  But it was eventually adopted by Christians.

It can be used as a symbol of purity or divinity.  Its light reminds godly individuals that God loves them.

Additionally, it comforts those facing challenging times.

Who needs an anchor of stability and guidance.

 The Cross and the Virgin Mary

The cross makes it a crucial element of Christian spirituality and one of the symbols associated with the sacraments.

Some Christian denominations mark a person’s forehead with the cross during Lent.  Or other times of penance as a reminder of Christ’s forgiveness through his death on the cross.  This act conveys their commitment to living a life worthy of His sacrifice.

People use prayer to express their loyalty and devotion to God.  Additionally, it serves as a reminder that.  Jesus died on the cross for their sins.

Mary deeply believed that she didn’t hesitate when Jesus was crucified.  It remained by his side even after the other disciples fled.

She possessed such compassion that she shared in his suffering.  It led to the concept of Co-Redemptrix.  A title St Bernard of Clairvaux bestowed upon her in the 16th century.

She is often depicted in various ways, such as this crucifix by Pietro da Cortona.  In it, Virgin Mary and Saint John the Evangelist stand by Jesus’ foot as they grieve his death.  This highly detailed study features powerful diagonals and animated gestures.  And fluttering drapery to emphasize the dramatic moment captured.

 The cross and angels

Angels are vital to religious traditions.  It combats evil and darkness with love.  They bring harmony to the world.  And foster understanding between people.  Angels often suggest Jesus Christ through Tattoos.  It explains why this kind of design has become famous among Christians.

The cross is a major symbol of Christianity.  It says Jesus’ death.  Christians believe Jesus was crucified on the cross and left to die.

Yet his sacrifice commemorates his unconditional love for humanity.

A tattoo of Jesus on a cross expresses your devotion to your confidence.  And may also remind you that you are strong enough to withstand.  Even the toughest challenges.

Another option is to get a Tattoo of two praying hands.  Celebrities often choose this sign of devotion to God.

This tattoo is perfect for the back.  But it can also be placed on any body part you choose.  A watercolor river behind it elevates the textured black design.

This piece would make an excellent addition to any Christian.  Or a spiritual person’s body art collection.  And help remind you daily of your faith’s strength.

 The Cross and the Devil

Jesus often felt the presence of Satan.  And many Christian believers hold that Satan helped tempt Jesus into denying his dedication to Christ.  This thought is widely held among many Christian adherents.

John writes in Revelation 19:16 that Jesus appears dressed in a robe dipped in blood.

The phrase “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” is written across both.  Some Christians take this to indicate Jesus had a tattoo.  However, Jewish law forbids any gashes.  Or markings on the flesh of the dead.

No evidence exists to support Jesus ever having a tattoo.  And even if he did, it would have been on his hand.

Another famous Jesus tattoo image is of him holding a child.  It can symbolize innocence and love.  Additionally, this powerful reminder reminds us of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

This Tattoo design is ideal for people with darker skin tones.  And it will look stunning on your biceps.  The curved leaf designs and shade work add an elegant touch.

It makes it a great choice for those interested in ancient art or shaded tattoos.

 The cross on the arm

Christians revere the cross as a symbol of sanctity, grandeur, and glory.  It can be used to adorn walls.  And steeples of churches.  Some even opt for permanent Tattoos of its image on their body.

Jesus used the Crucifix during His crucifixion.  It is one of Christianity’s most iconic symbols.  It symbolizes Christ’s redeeming death.  And triumph over sin and mortality.

It is believed that the original Christian cross was not made of wood.  But consisted of a metal object such as an iron spear.  Regardless, this symbol was an integral part of the Christian faith.  And its earliest manifestations could be found in sculptural and funerary art.

Crosses come in many different forms.  One popular kind is the crux ordinaria, the Latin cross.  This small circle features four equal-length arms.  And angled T shapes at its corners to represent Jesus’ nails being driven into the wood.

The suppedaneum cross is another common type of cross.  This three-barred design features the top bar inscribed over Christ’s head.