Jasmine Name Tattoo Designs

Due to their exquisite bloom and fragrant scent, jasmine flowers have become popular Tattoo designs.  Jasmine flowers symbolize sensuality, intimacy, romance and affection.  These flowers have long been associated with motherhood and respect.  Their white blossoms represent purity and naivete in tattoos.

Back Tattoo

Jasmine symbolizes motherhood, love, and purity, making it a popular floral tattoo for women.

Aside from being a stunning flower, it has an intoxicatingly soothing aroma.  It makes it the perfect addition to any back tattoo design.

Jasmine flower tattoos are a feminine and girly design that looks gorgeous on any body, such as the arm, leg, back or shoulder.

Foot or Leg Tattoo

Jasmine is a captivating flower with an irresistibly sweet aroma.  For centuries, it was used as a perfume that remains popular today.

Jasmine name Tattoos can elegantly express your affection or make you more feminine.  There are plenty of designs that will look amazing on any skin tone.

Women who don’t want a full-body Tattoo may opt for foot or leg designs.  These areas are ideal for placing small quotes or images that empower women.  They won’t get in the way of shoes or other accessories.

Arm Tattoo

Famous Disney Princess Jasmine is bold, smart, and confident.  Jasmine embodies many of the qualities many strive to have in their own lives.

Jasmine’s name Tattoos can inspire loyalty to the princess or courage and independence.  There are plenty of designs available.  So you’ll surely find one that perfectly expresses your style and taste.

Due to visibility and exposure, arm Jasmine tattoos are popular.  What better place to show off your artwork than on such an exposed body part?

Neck Tattoo

Jasmine tattoo designs are an exquisite way to show admiration and devotion for this flower.  Jasmines represent purity, grace, elegance, and sophistication.

The neck is an ideal location for this type of tattoo due to its softness.  It causes less pain than other areas of the body.

Pete Davidson recently got himself a Jasmine name tattoo.  He purportedly in tribute to his relationship with Kim Kardashian.  The design is inked across his left collarbone in an all-cursive font.

sleeve Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to express your love.  Utilizing vibrant colours will add extra visual interest and flair to the design.

For a simple, feminine tattoo, Jasmine’s name tattoos are perfect.  Not only that, but this design also symbolizes modesty and joy – making it the ideal choice for any girl!

Lee Tattoos require a substantial amount of time to complete.  Thus, it would help if you considered what design best suits you before committing.

Shoulder Tattoo

Jasmine name tattoos are perfect for anyone who appreciates flowers and wants to show them off.  The flower has several symbolic meanings that vary from culture to culture.  It typically symbolizes motherhood and purity.

Choose the right Jasmine name tattoo design.  Doing so will guarantee you will love your new body art for years.

The shoulder is the ideal location for a Jasmine name tattoo.  It’s large enough to accommodate various designs and looks stunning.