Japanese Drum Tattoos

Japanese drum tattoos are a beloved style among Japanese men and women, representing protection, unity, and power.

These designs are larger than traditional drums and can cover an entire body.  They possess great power, making them a great option for those seeking strong, striking, original artwork.


Raijin is a Japanese god renowned for his power to control storms.  He often appears with drums in hand, creating thunder and lightning.

He is a dualistic god, bringing destruction and blessings into the world, as one of Japan’s most beloved kami (deities).  His influence over people and events has been immense.

His roots lie in death, and he is associated with various aspects of Japanese mythology.  Additionally, he appears frequently in manga and anime stories set in Japan.  Particularly those set there.

He’s often depicted alongside his brother Fujin, a wind god, who serves as their rival.  It makes their relationship highly complex.


Frogs are amphibians that inhabit woodland, swamps, meadows or rainforest.  They may also inhabit deserts and tundras.

They use a range of methods for movement, such as running, walking, swimming and burrowing.  Furthermore, they employ their sticky tongues to capture prey items.

Their eyes enable them to navigate their environment.  Furthermore, they possess a pair of eardrums or tympanum, which appear as small circles below their eyes.

Frogs often feature pads on their toe tips.  It gives them a firm grip on various surfaces, helping them conserve water.

Frogs have the unique ability to absorb toxic chemicals through their skin.  It makes them an environmental indicator for pollution and changing water or air quality.  As such, frogs often serve as warning signs when there are problems with air or water quality.  Furthermore, their varied colours help them hide from predators or blend in with their environment to evade prey.


The lion may not be the most common Japanese drum tattoo design.  It certainly holds great appeal.  These majestic animals have long been associated with power and protection in Japan’s culture.  They are often depicted wearing elaborate costumery or even appearing as statues to ward off evil spirits.

Koi fish Tattoo designs are a beloved Japanese design with multiple meanings, from good fortune to wisdom, Named after its iconic ancestor.  This symbolism brings good luck into one’s life.

Though not the most elegant tattoo design in the world.  These vibrant creatures are sure to draw attention.  Unlike their Western counterparts, these magnificent creatures don’t hesitate to show off.  Unfortunately, some believe them to be prophets of disaster and discontent in their own right.


Japanese mythology holds that dragons are symbols of power and wisdom.  They possess the power to manipulate nature for their people’s benefit.

They bring good luck and are associated with wealth.  It is why they’re often depicted on paper money or jewellery.

Dragons are an iconic figure in Chinese culture.  Dragons symbolize royalty and the emperor in China.

Dragons often possess superhuman senses like hearing, sight, smell and touch, enabling them to communicate with other animals.  Humans, even when they cannot be seen.

Humans can control them as well.  Through telepathy, they can read minds and converse with them.

Koinobori (koi Tattoos) is an iconic element in Japanese culture.  It represents these aquatic creatures with great vitality.  Not only do these Tattoo look fantastic on people.  Many Japanese people prefer wearing one as part of their attire!