Hieroglyphics Tattoos Are a Great Way to Pay Hommage to Ancient Egypt

Egyptian hieroglyphs are one of the earliest written systems in existence.  These ancient textures are a tribute to Egypt’s vibrant culture and mythology.

Though these signs may seem intimidating, a well-crafted tattoo design can obtain these icons to life.    Egyptian hieroglyphs are the ideal choice for an eye-catching Tattoo design!


Pharaohs were an integral part of Egyptian culture.  And expressed supreme power.  Getting a pharaoh tattoo can be an inspiring method to summon powerful administration qualities into your life.

Many people opt for a pharaoh tattoo to be recognized as royalty.  Or to express an interest in Egypt’s past and rulers.  Some might even get one to express their leadership capacities.

King Tut is one of the most precious and well-known pharaohs.  It’s becoming king at nine.  Tragically, at 19 years old, he passed away.  And his body was buried in the Valley of Kings.

He is remembered as a strong and influential pharaoh.  And his mummy was discovered in 1994.  As the most celebrated boy king in Egyptian history, his remains form an vital part of ancient Egypt’s heritage.

His name derives from the Greek word for “sun.”  His left eye was attributed to the moon.  At the same period, his right one belonged to Ra.

The eye has long been used to describe regal dominion,  magic, and divinity.

Another sign of royal command is the scarab.  This divine icon was also a well-known amulet in Egyptian history.

And it was considered to get the right luckiness and healing.

A vulture was a commonly used Pharaoh mark.  This symbol symbolized Upper Egypt.  And Goddess Nekhbet was often defined as a vulture.

Some pharaohs adorn their foreheads with the uraeus.  It means Upper Egypt.  This amulet was popular for its protective and magical powers.

This tattoo of a pharaoh is highly detailed and complex.  The shading is thick and black.  But the artist used white highlights to prevent the design from looking too dark or blobby.

This tattoo is an amazing example of how a simple technique can make the design appear more intricate.  The crook and flail are symbolic representations of pharaonic authority.

It stands out against the crisp black linework elsewhere in the design.

 Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra is an ancient symbol.  It portrays the Egyptian god Ra.  It’s believed to save its owner from bad spirits.  And negative energies.

Egyptians believe that the Eye of Ra can bring good luck.  And serve as a symbol to help people release stress and anxiety.

Egyptian mythology associates the Eye of Ra with various characters.  And many relating to Ra’s son Horus.

Horus was in a fierce battle for Egypt’s throne when he lost his right eye.  To appease his father, Horus took it and offered it back to Osiris.  It restored Osiris to life.  And made him a strong protector of the Egyptians.

It was also said that the Eye of Ra could see everything.  And rescue its owner from evil.  Hence it was often placed on temple doors.  Or in front of statues of gods.

The Eye of Ra is also often associated with fertility and birth.  Traditionally depicted with blue irises, you can use any shade you wish.

Eye of Ra Tattoo come in two styles – black outlines or vibrant patterns.

No matter which option you select.  This design is famous among Egyptian symbology devotees.

And those are seeking to symbolize protection.  And good fortune throughout their lives.

Some people Tattoo the Eye of Ra on their shoulders or chests.  This style is famous because it can be noticed from a distance.  And adds an eye-catching flair to their attire.

Another favored location for this tattoo is on the side of your neck.  Or behind your ear.  Not only does it add a nice touch to your appearance.  But it’s also quite easy to place on your body.


The Sphinx is a mythological creature with a lion’s body.  And a human head.  Ancient Egypt used it to guard significant tombs.  And temples as a symbol of power and authority.

It is widely known as The Great Sphinx of Giza.  Standing 241 feet (74 meters) high.  This iconic statue was etched out of limestone bedrock around 2500 BC.  And remained one of the world’s most treasured attractions.

At the dawn of Egyptian civilization, sphinxes, with pharaohs’ faces, served as guardian figures.  It is carved on their heads to link rulers to the gods.  And demonstrate that they were demigods.

At this moment, the Sphinx became a beloved motif among artists.  And It was depicted in numerous cultures.  It repeatedly appeared as an emblem of power.  And power in Greek art and mythology.

The Sphinx is a powerful energy animal.  It is believed to be an incarnation of the sun god Ra.  It adores the sun and waits for its return daily.  This devotion gives it force and allows it to reach great extremes.

A Sphinx Tattoo represents strength and power in the world.  It also suggests that you can conquer challenges.  And achieve new levels of success.

A Sphinx vibrancy guide can be invaluable in challenging circumstances.  And must rely on your inner wisdom.  It teaches how to be confident while remaining humble.  It provides peace of mind.  And security throughout life.

Sphinx spirit guides make ideal spiritual friends.  Suppose you’re searching for someone to teach you honesty and straightforward communication with yourself.  Additionally, they have a unique sense of humor.  It may appeal to those with quirky personalities.

Sphinx spirit guides are fiercely loyal to their gods.  And desire to protect those they care about.  They make excellent companions for anyone struggling.  It offers strength and guidance with spiritual forces.  That can help you reach new heights.

 Lesser-Known Symbols

Symbols are an effective way to convey ideas and beliefs and help connect different experiences.  Some symbols are well-known and used frequently others carry more subtle messages.

Other symbols used to illustrate life include the sun and moon.  The sun represents lightness and positivity, while the moon conveys femininity.  And the natural rhythms of time.

The sun is integral to many cultures and gives the Earth color and energy.  It’s rising and setting each day symbolizes new beginnings.  And it is often seen as a sign of life and vision.

Though many see the sun as a symbol of hope, it can also be seen as a representation of destruction and death.  Darkness carries with it fear and negativity.  In contrast, light is associated with intellect and clarity.