Hand Tattoos – The Most Popular Placements on the Body

Hand tattoos are a popular body art option.  Because they’re highly visible and hard to cover up,  you must find a pretty design for yours.

They’re also more susceptible to disappearing quicker than other Tattoos.  And require retouching more frequently than other designs.  Fortunately, there are methods you can use to ensure your hand tattoo remains beautiful for years.

Feather tattoos

Feather tattoos are an ideal way to convey your free-spirited nature.  And indicate a desire for travel and new experiences.  They’re genderless, meaning they can be drawn on any body part.

A popular place for feather Tattoos is along the back or rib cage.  This design illustrates growing one’s wings.  And can be an inspiring symbol.

Another popular place for feathers is the bicep or shoulder.  This unisex placement lets you pick the design.  And the type that finest expresses your individuality and taste.

A geometric feather Tattoo is a great alternative for anyone wanting to describe their dreams and aspirations.

Feathers can also be used to illustrate renewal and triumph.  These complex designs are ideal for those who want to use their style and creativity.

In some cases, feather Tattoos can be combined with other signs like hearts.  Or flowers to give it extra depth.  You could also incorporate text from words.

Or quotes into the design for added value.

Consider getting a feather tattoo done in watercolor style for a striking and rich design.  This technique utilizes deep shades.

No matter which designs you choose.  A feather Tattoo conveys an air of lightness and holiness.  This can be illustrated through a little drawing composed of two feathers.  Or using bigger images featuring just one large feather.

The color of the feathers also has an essential meaning.  White feathers signify purity.  While red or yellow ones signify love and wisdom.

Individuals often get feather tattoos to show their admiration for nature.  This makes them popular both among men and women alike.  It is due to their symbolic significance.  But also because they look attractive.  And can give any woman a feeling of womanhood.

Finger tattoos

Assume you’re exploring for something little, cute, and playful.  Finger tattoos are perfect.  Not only do they showcase your style without going overboard.  But they can also give off the impression that you have an eye for design.

Many options exist when choosing a tattoo design.  It is from easy geometric patterns to more extensive designs.  That continues up the hand.  Some even feature one design.  That covers the entire hand for a detailed appearance.

Remembering that fingers have more delicate skin than other parts of the body.  It makes them especially vulnerable to blowout or bleeding.  Also, remember that finger tattoos fade faster than other body parts.  It is due to their fine details.

Therefore, finding a tattoo artist with experience in this type of work is essential.  They will know what works nicely.  And how to care for the tattoo so it looks its best.

When picking an artist for facial tattoos, one should look for someone with great drawing skills.  And the ability to draw a solid black line on the skin.  This will minimize fading, smudging, and blurriness in the area.

Another important consideration when examining a tattoo artist is offering retouches on your finger tattoo.  Suppose it starts to fade.  Or pulls away from the skin.  This will save you money on touch-ups.  And keep your design looking it’s most suitable.

If you’re searching for an elegant yet simple tattoo on your fingers.  Lettering across the fingers is a great option.  Not only is it popular among celebs.  But many people enjoy having this artwork in their hands.

You can also display short art pieces on your thumb.  Or ring finger.  It has become popular among celebrities.  This is an effortless way to show off your passion for what you cherish most.

With finger tattoos, there are endless manners to describe yourself.  Choose a design that conveys your favorite sport.  Or something entirely that speaks to you.

When choosing what design best reflects who you are, there’s something for everyone.

Half-moon tattoos

The moon is one of the most significant and potent symbols in nature.  It signifies femininity, even death and rebirth!

A crescent moon, on the other hand, represents a balance between the waxing.  And waning phases of the moon.  This indicates that it’s time to move past hardships.  And into a period of rebirth.

Tattoos like this can be placed almost anywhere on the body.  But are most popular on the wrist or ankle.  Not only does it express your individual beliefs.

But it’s also an excellent way to keep track of the moon’s phases!

Moon tattoos have many symbolic meanings.  And are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those seeking body art.  Popular designs feature yin and yang symbols and spirituality.

Another unique tattoo idea is a dream catcher designed around the moon.  Native American cultures use dream catchers as protective talismans against negative thoughts and bad dreams.  Combining this with a moon design allows you to create an intricate design.  That looks fantastic in larger areas.

When selecting a moon Tattoo design, you have many styles.  It includes designs with different colors.  A red or blood moon may symbolize doom.  While blue or green moons are usually seen as signs of peace.

In some cultures, a full moon is associated with supernatural creatures.  Having a moon tattoo can be symbolic for anyone.  Who thinks in its power?  Therefore, getting one could be appropriate for anyone who believes in its eerie influence.

Lotus tattoos

Lotus flowers are among the most beloved tattoo designs.  It is due to their beauty and symbolic meanings.  Tattoo designers can craft these lovely blooms in various ways.  It allows both genders to get the ideal piece for their bodies.

Lotus tattoos are stunning and have a variety of meanings.  But they can also be challenging to get just right.  Therefore, you must select a design.

That flatters your body and personal style.

Furthermore, the placement of a lotus flower should be carefully considered.  For instance, if you plan to have a tattoo on your arm or leg.  Ensure the area is free from pain.  And will not cause too much pain during the session.

The tricep is a popular area for a lotus flower tattoo.  It’s easy to hide and looks natural.  Also, small tattoos can be done here for added visual impact.

Tattooing a lotus flower on your thigh is an increasingly popular choice for both men and women.  It has few nerve endings.  And can be pierced without much discomfort.

This tattoo design is exciting.  And vibrant representation of the lotus flower.  It has thick outlines with light shading to add depth to the design.

Create this tattoo with a talented artist who can draw a lotus flower that looks natural and realistic.  Additionally, ask them to add details such as a light blue gradient.  Or mixing patterns on the petals.

You can personalize your lotus flower tattoo by adding a quote.  This could be the name of someone special or something that motivates you.  Doing so makes the design even more memorable.  And will help ensure you remember it in the future.