How to Cover Up a Tattoo

Tattoos can be an expressive way to express yourself. But not all tattoos are meant to last!

Some of us simply don’t enjoy certain Tattoo designs or colors. Fortunately, there are ways of concealing those old ink so they don’t disrupt everyday exercises.


Assuming that you want to disguise Tattoos or simply need additional inclusion, concealer can be a simple and solid arrangement. In addition to the fact that it conceals tattoos, yet in addition scars, imperfections and hyperpigmentation.

Begin by gently spotting or smudging your tattoo with concealer that is a few shades lighter than your regular complexion. This will help the product blend in with the skin and better conceal the ink, providing a opaque finish.

Finally, apply a light layer of foundation over the area you intend to conceal with concealer. You can do this with either a makeup sponge or stippling brush; just be sure to layer the foundation over top for optimal results.

Finally, set your makeup with a translucent setting powder to prevent any transfer to clothing. This is especially helpful if you need to conceal a Tattoo for special events like red carpets or weddings where a more polished aesthetic is desired.


If you need to conceal a Tattoo before an interview or wedding, powder can provide an opaque effect. Simply apply some over your skin and blend it out using either your hands or makeup brush for smooth coverage.

To protect your tattoo’s colors, you’ll want to use a translucent setting powder that won’t oxidize or turn orange as it dries. Tarte’s Loose Setting Powder is an excellent option for this purpose.

When selecting a concealer to cover a hand Tattoo, opt for one that’s waterproof and won’t budge throughout the day. Furthermore, choose a foundation which is sweat and humidity resistant.

Once you’ve selected the ideal concealer, seal it with a professional barrier spray to prevent it from rubbing off or peeling away. When ready, select a foundation and gently pat it onto the area using an expansive fluffy makeup brush.

Professional Barrier Spray

Professional Barrier Spray is a clear alcohol-based product that creates an invisible shield between skin and makeup, perfect for various makeup applications such as modeling, stage, cosplay, F/X and photography.

Spray On Makeup can be applied prior to application of makeup to protect skin and prolong its wear. It also works well after makeup has been applied, sealing it into place for water-resistant and transfer-proof performance.

Once applied, the spray can be easily removed with makeup remover and soap. You don’t have to reapply throughout the day in order to keep your hand tattoo cover up looking fresh and polished.

Before beginning with your hand tattoo cover up session, be sure to sterilize both your work area and anything else that will come into contact during the procedure. Doing this prevents cross-contamination and guarantees your clients’ hands are as clean as possible during the procedure.

Makeup Applicator

If you have a tattoo that you would like to conceal, makeup products can help provide temporary coverage. This is great for job interviews or special occasions such as weddings where it would be inappropriate for the ink to be visible.

First, use a primer to blur the Tattoos and make it easier to conceal them with makeup. We suggest trying this bareMinerals primer which smoothes out skin tone while minimizing ink visibility.

Next, apply foundation that matches your skin tone over the tattoo with a stippling technique. Finally, mist setting powder over the area to set in the makeup and prevent any fading or showing through.

Finally, use a professional barrier spray over the area to shield the tattoo from water and dirt. This will ensure your makeup stays put all day and also helps shield it from becoming infected.