Half Chest Tattoos

The chest is one of the most intimate places on the body.  It’s making it a prime candidate for tattoos.  Plus, if you want to keep the artwork off, you can always cover it up!

When selecting a half-chest tattoo design, there are plenty of unique ideas.  Many of these Tattoos carry significant meaning and symbolism.


Mermaids have been an iconic element of marine folklore for centuries.  These mythical creatures were considered half-fish.  And the half-woman, representing beauty, sensuality, intuition and danger – among other things.

Mermaid tattoos can be stunning and eye-catching when done by an experienced artist.  Before getting your dream design etched on your skin, you must clearly understand what you want from it.  And get professional guidance on how best to approach it.

Mermaid tattoos can be placed nearly anywhere on the body.  A popular spot for such a significant artwork would be on the back, thigh or chest.


A Butterfly half-chest tattoo is ideal for women looking to add some femininity to their body art.  This daring design can be created in black or coloured according to your desired aesthetic.  And you can get more detailed with heavy shading or vibrant colours.

Butterflies are often seen as a metaphor for freedom and change.  As well as being representative of the life cycle.  They symbolize grace, beauty, love, dignity, intuition, femininity and spiritual growth.

Add some blackwork to your Butterfly Tattoo design design.  It’s to draw attention to the intricate wings without making them seem too heavy.  This is because butterflies typically have a lot of negative space.  It allows for thicker lines to be placed more precisely between the inside and outside sections of the design.

The wrist is a popular location for tiny butterfly Tattoo.  It’s because it offers an understated aesthetic that won’t overpower your overall style.  This makes it perfect for those just starting with tattoos.  Or who want to ensure their body art is manageable with intricate designs.


Owls are potent symbols of wisdom.  And are often depicted as intelligent, serene creatures.  Their eyes have the unique ability to see in the dark.  It signifies their ability to discern truth from falsehoods and illusions.

Tattoos of animals have long been a popular choice for individuals.  Who is looking to bring some wildness into their body art.  This is especially true with owls.  They are nocturnal birds of prey and are visually striking.

Celtic culture is rich with owl imagery/  It’s making them a popular tattoo choice for those looking to incorporate their heritage into their design.  Many Celtic owl tattoos also include mandala designs.  It symbolizes spirituality and brings together various aspects of life.

With so many unique and captivating owl half-chest tattoo designs, one will surely be perfect for you.  These can be inked anywhere on the body – the sleeve, arm, back or even leg!