Beautiful Flower Outline Tattoos For Women

A flower outline tattoo is perfect for any woman who appreciates flowers.  Whether you opt for something small and delicate or big and bold, these blooms look gorgeous on any body part.

The shoulder is an increasingly popular location for geometric flower tattoos.  Not only is it less painful.  But you have the freedom to hide or show it off as desired.

Lotus Flower

A lotus flower outline tattoo is ideal for those seeking something simple yet stunning.  Depending on the artist, this flower can come in various colors.  It is made to appear realistic or cartoon-like.

Lotus flowers are often associated with purity, rebirth, and spiritual enlightenment in Hinduism.  Additionally, they symbolize beauty, fertility, and eternity.

Tattoo culture holds that the lotus flower carries many symbolic meanings.  It should be chosen carefully for personal design purposes.  Research its meaning before getting inked to get the most out of your tattoo.


Elephants are symbols of strength and calmness.  Despite their enormous size, elephants are gentle animals loyal to their family members.  They don’t become aggressive unless provoked.

Suppose you’re searching for a tattoo that is both bold and beautiful.  An elephant outline design may be just what you’re searching for.  These eye-catching designs will surely catch the attention of others.  It makes sure to stand out from the rest.

African culture holds that elephant head Tattoos symbolize wisdom and good luck.  These designs often feature mandala patterns on their top, ears, and trunk to signify spiritual connectedness to nature.


Roses have long been a symbol of love and beauty.  They signify many things, from loyalty to commitment, friendship to joy.

Rose Tattoo are great additions to any body art collection, regardless of your preferences, with a wide range of shapes and sizes available.  There’s sure to be one that speaks to you!

The rose is a timeless symbol of beauty and love.  It is an ideal choice for getting inked.  Choose from various colors to make your rose an eye-catching piece of artwork.

Bird of Paradise

Show your love for this unique tropical plant with a bird of paradise flower tattoo.  It also symbolizes a higher spiritual state and heavenly beauty.  It’s perfect for people who want beautiful body art to show their principles.

The Bird of Paradise, a colorful tropical plant, is a popular Tattoo design.  This blossom can symbolize resilience, strength, freedom, triumph, and faith.

This South African tree is a garden perennial in USDA hardiness zones 9-11 and a houseplant elsewhere.  Planting directly from seed will take four to ten years before blooming.  To start from seed indoors, moisten the seed starting mix with indirect light until they germinate.


Lilies are a widely sought-after flower for tattooing on the body.  Their purity and innocence make them perfect for conveying one’s feelings and intentions to others.

Lily flower Tattoo designs can be stunning and inspirational.  The variety of colors enhances your tattoo design.

When designing a lily flower tattoo, line work is critical.  Strong lines can create a detailed tattoo without bright colors or extensive shading.