Fleur De Lis Neck Tattoos

The fleur de lis is an iconic symbol with a long and storied past, often used to signify purity or power.

People often opt for this tattoo when they desire a more feminine and pure life.  Additionally, military soldiers often choose it as a symbol of hope during trying times.


The fleur de lis is a timeless emblem used in numerous contexts – coins, noble seals, statues, and stained glass windows.

In Christianity, the fleur de lis has long been associated with Mary.  It also symbolizes the Holy Trinity and the three pillars of Christian tradition.  It bears specific meanings such as faith, wisdom, and chivalry.

A fleur de lis neck tattoo can be an elegant way to show your sense of royalty and elegance.  It could be a small design or an elaborate one.

Structure the look with exquisite linework that resembles lace or intricate embroidery.  Some designs may also incorporate jewelry elements.  It is an ideal way to complete the appearance.

It’s also an inspiring symbol of unity.  Many armies have proudly displayed this emblem on their uniforms for years.  They are making it popular among those looking to show their team pride.


Fleur de lis neck tattoos come in a range of styles.  Some people prefer simple designs with just a few lines.  Others desire larger versions with more color and detail.

The fleur de lis is often associated with royalty but can also convey other messages.  For instance, it could signify femininity and purity.

It is also a symbol of wealth and bravery.  It is often featured on coats of arms or city emblems worldwide.

In addition to these symbolic meanings, the fleur de lis is an excellent way to show affection for France.  New Orleans Saints fans may use this tattoo to remind them of their heritage as French citizens.


When selecting a fleur de lis neck tattoo, there are plenty of colors.  Black is traditionally chosen, but you could also go for gold or silver.  Black give your design an air of elegance and sophistication.

You can add a floral or vine design to the fleur de lis for an even more intricate and detailed look.  These types of plans are an excellent way to express yourself.  They keep the symbol stylish and stunning.

Tattoos featuring fleur de lis designs have been around for centuries.  They carry a multitude of messages.  Some of their deeper meanings include power, honor, faith, and unity.


The fleur de lis is a timeless symbol of elegance and beauty.  It is often featured in neck Tattoo designs.  You can use this design in many ways to achieve the perfect aesthetic look.  There’s no limit to the options available when selecting your ideal design!

The size of a fleur de lis neck Tattoo depends on the style you desire and its intended message.  A more straightforward design may be ideal for more modest individuals.  While larger Tattoo with detailed artwork and depth appeal to those more confident.

No matter which option you pick.  There’s sure to be a fleur de lis that perfectly expresses you.  This symbol can be an excellent way to show off your style.  It tastes as well as helps others understand you better.