88 Best Feather Tattoo Designs

Feather tattoos are a common design and can come in a variety of styles. What they mean depends on the person wearing them, but the design is often a sign of hope and prosperity. You can get a feather Tattoo on almost any part of your body, including your arms, legs, ankles, and upper back. They can also be placed behind the ear.

Meaning of feather tattoos

There are a variety of meanings that feather Tattoos can have. For one, feathers are associated with freedom. Since birds are regarded as free animals, tattooing a feather on your body may mean that you are seeking freedom. However, there are other meanings associated with bird Tattoos.


For some people, feather tattoos represent a spiritual connection. In fact, Native American chiefs often wore feathers to symbolize their celestial wisdom. Today, feather tattoos can symbolize communication, freedom, power, and spirituality. Symbols associated with feathers range from freedom and trust to celestial wisdom.

Feathers are often depicted in dream catchers. These are small, round structures made out of a willow hoop and a loose net. They are beautiful and spiritual, so many people choose to have one Tattooed on their bodies. Feathers are also often used as tattoo designs, including peacock and eagle feathers. Feathers are popular among women and are considered a feminine Tattoo design.

Depending on the bird species, feather tattoos can symbolize many different things. A colorful peacock feather, for example, can represent freedom, pleasure, and excitement. A dove feather, on the other hand, can represent hope. Native Americans view eagle feathers as a symbol of bravery and strength.

Feathers are also associated with the dead. If you see a feather, it could be the spirit of a departed loved one trying to connect with you. For some people, feathers symbolize the spirit world and transcendental heights. For others, they represent the freedom to float above obstacles, and can even be associated with guardian angels.

Feathers are a popular choice for tattoos and are often symbolic of freedom and beauty. Their many colors, shapes, and styles make them a popular choice for tattoo designs. They can also be an homage to a specific person. Feather Tattoos are popular choices among women.

Peacock feather tattoos are also popular. A peacock feather is a symbol of wealth and love. It is also believed to represent optimism and a connection with the spirits of one’s ancestors. It is common for people in the fashion industry to have a peacock feather tattoo.



If you are considering getting a feather tattoo, there are a variety of locations to consider. Depending on your personality, a feather tattoo can be placed on one side of the upper forearm, on the underside, or below the clavicle. Feathers are a versatile tattoo and can look great on both males and females. They can also be placed on the thigh or on one side of the back. Some people even choose to place a feather tattoo behind their ears.

The placement of a feather tattoo will depend on how detailed you want it to be. If your feather tattoo design is very detailed, it may be too large for a wrist or finger. It might be a better choice to have it inked on your back or leg instead. This will allow the tattoo to heal better. If you want just a small detail, a simple feather tattoo is a great option.

Feathers are symbolic of many things. They can signify freedom, protection, and wisdom, which are all very attractive qualities to have on your body. They can also represent beauty and respect. The most popular places for a feather tattoo are the thigh and forearm. However, you can also have a tattoo of a dreamcatcher.

Feathers are also commonly found on the ankle. These tattoos can also be symmetrical and adorned with various colors. A colorful feather tattoo is best placed in a visible area to show off its beauty. For instance, a feather tattoo on the arm can be a great choice if you are an artist or a hairstylist. Another popular location for a feather tattoo is the upper back or shoulder blades.

Feather tattoos are popular in Native American culture. Some cultures view feathers as symbolic messages sent by the spirit world. The meaning of feather tattoos varies from culture to culture, but they are often spiritual and meaningful to the wearer. They may represent the search for something, a prayer, or a message to the ancestors.