Family and Faith Tattoos

Family is an incredibly important aspect of many people’s lives.  It can shape you for life, and you can commemorate that connection with a tattoo.

A family and faith tattoo expresses your devotion to those closest to you.  Showing your spiritual connection to family and ancestors.

Family over everything

A family and faith tattoo expresses your love.  There’s something for everyone when it comes to these designs.

This example uses the dove symbol, signifying peace and trust in God.  It also symbolizes purity, innocence, and untainted faith in Christianity.

This tattoo artist gave this dove a unique look using different colours and shading.  Two flowers and a faith ribbon were added for embellishment.

This beautifully detailed tattoo features delicate elements that bring the image together.  It depicts Mary and Jesus gazing upon one another from above.

Birth flowers

Birth flowers are an enjoyable way to commemorate someone’s special day.  Additionally, they can be used as a tribute to family members who have passed away.

Rose tattoos symbolize love and dedication.  However, many other stunning blooms could also make stunning Tattoo designs.

For instance, the Honeysuckle is often associated with romance and affection.  It comes in an array of colours.

Another popular birth flower is the daisy, which symbolizes purity and innocence.  Its vibrant colours range from red to white and yellow.

In January, the snowdrop is the second flower that blooms.  This delicate bloom symbolizes hope and rebirth as it typically appears in large patches.  It resembles fields covered with snow.


No matter your religious views or simply want to show off your family’s love.  A Tattoo featuring an insightful quote is sure to bring a smile.  At the same time, there are many ways to choose the ideal quote for you.  Selecting something personal is most effective.

An eye-catching quote can use a distinctive typeface or a loved one’s handwriting.  It stands out from others.  Add a few details for more meaning.  Like finding that special nugget that most people can’t come up with!  It may be something simple like an equation you must ponder while searching for the right tidbit.  And remember – you have complete freedom to make it however large or small you wish.


Family and faith Tattoos often feature symbols representing familial love’s close bonds.  These can include images or designs that reflect the person’s personality and views.

Some Tattoos also incorporate a message about how important family is in life.  It is known as la familia, conveying that families come first in everything we do.

Family and faith tattoos remind people that family is everything.  Additionally, it may serve as a memorial to family members who have passed away.

Early Christians utilized the fish sign, or ichthys, in Tattoos.  The infinity symbol and ichthys symbolize God’s connection to the tattooed person.