Faith Tattoo Designs

Faith Tattoo designs are an inspiring way to show your devotion to your religion and beliefs.  They range from simple crosses to intricate Star of David designs.

Many Christians seek a tattoo that expresses their faith.  It can range from small behind-the-ear tattoos to larger designs on the chest or back.  The ear Tattoos are placed on the chest or back.

Infinity with Faith and Hope

This tattoo design, Infinity with Faith and Hope, beautifully unites the words “Faith, Love.  Hope” into one symbol.  It symbolizes eternity while also reminding us that we should never give up.

It is also ideal for expressing your faith and devotion to God.  This tiny tattoo has tremendous symbolic meaning.

This design features a quote from the Corinthians that reads, “Faith, Hope and Love”.  Faith, hope, and love are three essential ingredients for living an abundant life.

Jesus Walking on Water

The Bible states that Jesus walked on water, an incredible feat in human history.  It also serves as a powerful metaphor for Jesus’divine power.  It can bring calm in stormy seas.

Jessica used water from jars used by Jews for ritual washing before meals to perform this miracle.  He symbolized purity and cleansing.  It also foretold Jesus’s eventual bloodshed on the cross to wipe away people’s sins.  She unites them with an all-pure God.

This half-sleeve Tattoo begins at the wrists and progresses up the arm.  It features different religious symbols woven together.  It includes a hung-up version of Jesus, angel wings, and an all-seeing eye.  It is roses and rosary beads.

Bursting Rosary Beads

The rosary is a popular faith tattoo.  It consists of beads tied together with string and looped around an arm.

This simple but powerful Tattoo design can have different interpretations for each person.  It consists of three main symbols: faith, hope and love.

Three things every faithful person should strive for in their life.  A tattoo is an effective way to be reminded of those three things.  It can be inked anywhere on your body.

This Tattoo combines various symbols to create an original piece of artwork.  It is inked using black ink with shading to add visual interest between each symbol.

Faith, Hope, and Love

Faith, hope and love hold great significance for many people.  They can bring comfort and strength in times of hardship.

A simple tattoo design is ideal for individuals celebrating their faith, hope, and love.  Not only that, but these designs also serve as a visual reminder that you have strong beliefs.  An upbeat outlook on life.

This wrist tattoo depicts the three main Christian virtues with interconnected motifs.  In contrast, they are black and shaded with a vivid red accent.

Jesus on the Cross

The cross is a timeless symbol of faith and one of the most popular tattoo designs.  It might be intricate or simple, depending on your tastes and beliefs.

This faith tattoo depicts Jesus on the cross.  It is perfect for those seeking a timeless design that will last forever.  It could simply be one simple cross or be surrounded by rosary beads.  It is flowers or other symbols to represent your devotion.

This beautiful black cross with a watercolour river background shows your commitment to Christ.  Additionally, it is a beautiful decoration for any room in your home.  It will surely draw admiring glances from everyone you pass as you pass by.