An Elephant Octopus Tattoo is a Creative and Powerful Way to Show Your Strength, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Elephant octopus tattoos symbolize strength, resilience, and emotional intelligence in connection to the animal kingdom.

Before selecting a design for your octopus logo, consider what you want it to symbolize.  Choose an octopus image that expresses danger and mystery.


The chest area is an ideal location for large octopus tattoos.  Here, there’s plenty of room for the creature’s tentacles to squish into.  It’s ideal for those who prefer a detailed pattern without a large size.

The octopus has many symbolic meanings, such as rebirth and renewal.  Danger, deception, mystery and adaptability.  Combined with a skull, it adds another level of significance – conjuring up images of death and mystery.  But also intellect.

Blue-ringed octopuses have cyanide-like venom.  It makes it an effective tattoo symbol for those seeking protection and toughness.


If you’re searching for a way to showcase your body art, sleeves are ideal.  Not only is it one of the least painful places to get tattooed.  But there is also plenty of variety when choosing the design best suits you.

Another popular tattoo location is your thigh.  This large area is less painful than other areas to ink.  Making it a great option for beginners.

The shoulder is a popular option when considering where to place an octopus tattoo.  The artist may delicately weave tentacles around your body for a stunning appearance.

This bold and unique design is sure to stand out in the crowd.  It also symbolizes strength, rebirth, and abundance.


Polynesian people revere the elephant octopus as a protector, companion and leader.  This animal is also revered for its strength, loyalty, wisdom and divinity.

Octopus Tattoo can be very realistic or abstract, typically featuring vibrant watercolour colours.  Octopus tattoos provide harmony and beauty to the body.

Geometric octopus Tattoos are a popular choice, as they showcase the symmetrical nature of this sea creature.  This design also highlights the octopus’ intricacy and intellect.

For a terrifying octopus tattoo, try a skull.  This combination may suit persons who fear or have experienced death.


Watercolour Tattoos are becoming more and more popular.  They seamlessly blend colours to recreate the same effect as painting on canvas.  This method requires less precision and no bold outlines.

However, they tend to fade more quickly and require frequent touch-ups for maintenance.  That said, elephant octopus Tattoos look amazing and make for a stunning design.

Tattooing an arm is one of the most sought-after body art options.  Octopus designs look especially great here.  This design also highlights the octopus’ intricacy and intellect.

Another choice for a large octopus design is the thigh.  This area is spacious and less painful than many other body parts when inking.