Tattoo Power Supplies

Power supplies are essential elements in the tattooing process. They regulate your machines’ power output and voltage. This makes them run more efficiently.

Tattoo power supplies come in different prices and regulations. From cheap unregulated models to regulated devices. Selecting the correct one for your safety and peace of mind is essential.


The ES500 eikon tattoo power supply is a power supply for Tattoos. It is designed with your style, workspace, and daily tasks in mind. It has two machine ports, presets, USB charging connectors, and wireless operation. It also has a wireless operation mode for added convenience.

This compact and reliable power supply is ready to take on the world. It has all your requests, including many Eikon firsts!

The ES500’s powder-coated aluminium enclosure is built to last.

The ES500 is designed to withstand hard knocks, bangs, and spills. Plus, it undergoes the rigorous cleaning process required for tattooing. To stay in top condition.

Ready for Global Travel: Additional international cord sets are available. So you can go wherever business takes you. This power supply is 110V and 220V compatible out of the box!


Every ES500 features a Bluetooth foot switch to replace the traditional foot switch. It also provides access to a second tattoo machine, should you require one. Furthermore, frequently used settings can be stored in six memory slots. This allows quick retrieval.


You’ll adore the ES300 Eikon Tattoo power supply’s smooth, consistent performance. In a much smaller package! It combines some of the features of our EMS400 power supply into a compact unit. It is easily portable for traveling.

This faceplate-mounted voltage metre bar and aluminium control knob provide easy mode switching and two on-the-fly footswitch modes. Momentary (push and hold) and maintained. Runtime mode restarts settings after 30 minutes of inactivity. The timer. And six memory places – this unit is perfect for all ordinary rotary machines!!

The ES300 has two USB ports for charging phones, tablets, and LED lamps during tattooing. Its magnetic sticky foot base holds any surface, and its touch-sensitive OLED display is easy to use and clean.


The EMS420 is one of the premier Tattoo power supplies on the market. It is designed for precision and responsiveness – two essential attributes during tattooing.

This power supply has been completely rewritten with smart chip technology. It provides precise voltage adjustment with high touch sensitivity. And buttons that enable fast fine touch adjustments. And rapid 0.2 volts/3 x per second coarse voltage adjustments.

This brightly-lit green LCD screen provides precise voltage readings down to the last decimal point. Furthermore, for your convenience. It displays additional machine information like Speed (Hz), Duty Cycle (%), and Amps.

The EMS420 has a gold-flecked plastic case. This silicone device sticks to your desk or other hard surface.


The EMS300 is ideal for tattoo studios looking to save space and money. Its sleek, low-profile design will blend with existing equipment. It features advanced power delivery technology that keeps your machine running optimally.

Powerful 650W output. Two high-quality Amphenol power outlets provide steady production. The team has patented pedal override. Artists can transition between maintained and temporary modes while maintaining work. An beautiful LCD and 2amps of electricity keep tattoo machines cool. You may focus on clients instead of ice cubes in your cupholder! This device’s use is simple despite its great features. It includes a power cord and detailed instructions. Includes everything!