Egyptian Hieroglyphs Tattoos

Egyptian hieroglyph Tattoos are an incredible way to showcase your passion for ancient history and culture while expressing yourself through body art. These unique body modifications also make an impressive statement about who you are.

Symbol of Life: Ankh

The Ankh is one of the best-known Egyptian symbols, featuring a cross shape with an inverted loop at its top. It symbolizes life and immortality.

The Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra is one of the most beloved Egyptian symbols of jewelry, clothing, and tattoos. According to legend, Ra initially sent it to his missing children. It became a symbol of protection and is often associated with goddesses such as Sekhmet, Mut, Bastet, and Wadjet.

Power and Wisdom: The Sphinx

The Sphinx is a famous sculpture with the body of a lion and human features. It represents power and wisdom and is associated with the Egyptian sun god Ra-Horakhty. It was also part of a complex that included temples and tombs.

Lesser-Known Symbols

Ancient Egyptians believed that hieroglyphs held mystical knowledge about the universe. They used pictures of everyday objects to communicate concepts. Some lesser-known symbols include the Ankh, which represents life and is associated with sun worship, and the Sphinx, which symbolizes protection.

Symbol of Leadership: Pharaoh Hieroglyph

The Pharaoh Hieroglyph represents leadership and power. People who wear this tattoo often do so to show their pride in their leadership abilities or their desire to become better leaders.

Strength and Eternity: Pyramids

Pyramids are iconic landmarks of ancient Egypt and represent strength, protection, eternity, and our connection to each other. They also serve as a reminder of the journey from death to rebirth.

Goddess of Protection: Wadjet

Wadjet, the goddess of protection and royalty, is another well-known hieroglyph. It can be combined with Ra’s Eye to emphasize the need for self-protection and protecting loved ones. Adding Ma’at’s Feather emphasizes maintaining balance in life.