Egyptian Chest Tattoo Symbols

– Scarab beetles were an iconic symbol in Egyptian history.

Tattoos featuring scarab beetles showcase color, shade, and line detail to achieve balance.

– Symbolizes the meaning of scarab beetles.


– Ma’at symbolizes beauty, love, and divine motherhood.

– An ideal subject for a chest tattoo.


– The Ankh is a hieroglyph that represents life.

– Its loop represents sunlight nourishing humanity.

– Associated with Osiris and Isis in Egyptian mythology.

– Ankh Tattoos can be customized with symbols and elements of personal significance.

Eye of Horus

– The Eye of Horus symbolizes protection, good health, and rejuvenation.

– Can be placed anywhere on the body.

– Associated with the sky god Horus and spiritual healing.


– Anubis is the god of the afterlife and protector of souls.

– Represents personality, strength, fearlessness, and trust in one’s instincts.

– Symbolizes safe passage into the afterlife.


– Cartouches were symbols of royal status.

– Used to identify owners after death.

– Often seen on sarcophagi.


– Cleopatra symbolizes female power, feminine energy, and beauty.

– Associated with sensuality and magic.


– Scarabs symbolize sun cycles, rebirth, longevity, luck, and prosperity.

– Isis is an influential deity associated with fertility and motherly love.

– Popular choice for tattoo designs.

Egyptian Pyramid

– Symbolizes ancient Egyptian culture and advanced construction methods.

– Represents one’s life journey.

Eye of Ra

– Symbolizes strength and spiritual protection.

– Associated with goddesses Sekhmet, Bast, and Tefnut.

– Represents women’s strength.

Winged Solar Disk

– Represents the sun and protects against darkness.

– Symbolizes pharaonic power and authority.

– Connected to the goddess Buto and her Uraeus crown.


– Egyptian goddess with magical, healing, and protective abilities.

– Excellent choice for an Egyptian Goddess tattoo.