Cute Duck Temporary Tattoos

Ducks have long been associated with luck, protection and stability.  These charming temporary tattoos make the ideal present for many special occasions.  Each sheet can be used as a waterslide decal or applied to the skin.

Harlequin Duck

The Harlequin Duck is one of the world’s most majestic sea ducks.  It is found along northern coastal waters off North America and Eastern Asia.  Their distinctive plumage includes slate blue, chestnut, and white hues.  They’re also great for folks who want a colourful look without a tattoo.  This innovative temporary tattoo won’t disappoint.  One of the most interesting duck temporary Tattoos we’ve seen recently!

Yellow Rubber Duck

Yellow Rubber Duck temporary tattoos are a cheerful design that will make you smile.  Kids or adults who appreciate rubber duckies will notice these vibrant tattoos.  These Tattoo are also water-resistant.  Additionally, they have staying power for several days after washing.  Made in the USA with kid-safe ingredients.  These temporary tattoos make branding for travel and leisure sectors easier with colour and customization!  You can customize them with your logo or personalized design too!

Orange Duck

Are you searching for a fun way to bring your outfit or show off at work?  These water-resistant Tattoo are sure to please.  Crafted and printed in the USA, helping an independent artist while getting an awesome novelty item.  Plus, who doesn’t love a free present?  These gift-boxed blinds are excellent for a nice night out or a business celebration.  They also bring liveliness to any ensemble.  We have many styles to fit your needs!

Blue Duck

Ducks have a long-standing symbolism, meaning tattoos featuring these birds are popular.  Tattoos can be an expressive way to show your style or commemorate an important event.  They can also serve as a permanent reminder of a significant moment or person.

Smaller versions are available if you like ducks but don’t want a full-length tattoo.  They’re more subdued and easier to hide than larger designs.

Brooklyn textile, watercolour, and ink artist Helen Dealtry inspired these Blue Duck temporary tattoos.  Floral themes, free brushstrokes, and tonal washes define her style.

Are you searching for a unique gift idea or fun activity for your children?  These vibrantly coloured tattoos are the ideal solution!  Not only have they been dermatologically tested, and safe to use.  EC Certified means they meet European safety requirements.

Ducks in Celtic animal symbolism symbolize adaptability and resourcefulness.  Ideal for creative, adaptable people.