dragon butt tattoo

Chloe Ferry, who plays Chloe on the popular show Geordie Shore, recently revealed that she has a huge dragon tattoo on her bum. She showed it off via Instagram Stories. She said that she was inspired by American YouTuber Nikita Dragun, who has a similar design. The actress also shared that the image took several hours to complete and that she was tempted to remove her lip filler so that she could remove

The sexy lady is sporting a Japanese dragon carved on the upper back. She is letting fire out of her mouth. This type of design is very popular among women and men alike. Inked onto her back, it looks sexy and edgy. The female version features a sexy Asian dragon. The female version has a more feminine, more delicate design.


A dragon butt tattoo has a feminine and bold look. The design can be inked in any part of the body. You can choose a color and design that fits with the rest of your body. A multi-color dragon butt tattoo will make your butt stand out more. These unique designs can be placed anywhere on the body, including the neck, back, and even the feet. It can be a simple wing or a more complex dragon face.


Another design that is becoming popular is the Chinese dragon. If you are drawn to the image of a scaly snake, this tattoo is perfect for you. A Chinese dragon butt is a popular choice for many people. Its long, serpent-like body makes it a striking, eye-catching piece of body art. A dragon butt tattoo can cover the entire arm, a woman’s forearm to shoulder. In fact, some tattoo enthusiasts choose to get a dragon butt tattoo as a sleeve.


Dragon pictures are a popular choice for women and men alike. These powerful creatures are often portrayed as being mystical and fierce. Although dragons are known for being both male and female, they are both attractive and powerful. A dragon butt tattoo on a woman’s butt is a stunning tattoo that will make any outfit stand out. While a dragon butt tattoo might not be for everyone, it will be a good choice for a woman who likes a dragon butt.


The Chinese dragon is a popular choice for people who want to represent their pride and power. This tat has a number of different meanings. In Asian cultures, dragons represent power, strength, and beauty. A tattoo of a Chinese dragon can be placed on the chest, legs, or arms. The design is also popular in western culture. If you love the mythical creatures, you can even get a Chinese dragon butt tattoo.