Tattoo Pigment – The Colour of the Future

Pigments are the chemicals used to create coloured items such as printing inks, cosmetics, etc.

Tattoo pigments have a long-standing tradition in the industry.  Dermaglo UK is one of the most reliable brands among tattoo artists for its ease of use.  Their colours have been micro-dispersed to make them easier to work with.  They led to less scarring and improved pigment retention.


Tattoo pigments come in all shapes and sizes, but one colour stands out: Black.  This hue has been around since ancient times.  It continues to be produced today (albeit in more diluted amounts).  It is of pharmaceutical-grade quality with a high sheen that looks great even after multiple applications.  No bruising or peeling of the skin.  Furthermore, it contains no toxins, chemicals or ingredients that could cause adverse health effects.  Making it ideal for those allergic to conventional cosmetics.

Coloured ink from this company can be purchased in 50ml and NUM0ml bottles.  As well as pre-mixed sets for those who prefer to shop from home.


Pigments, also referred to as colourants, are compounds that reflect light in the visible spectrum.  They can be found in sunscreens and cosmetics.  Many other items we come into contact with daily.

Tattoo inks often contain colourants derived from heavy metals like iron oxide (rust), cinnabar or cadmium red.  For those allergic to these substances, these colours may cause skin reactions.

Tattooists have now developed pigments that are vegan-friendly.  They are free from harmful substances.  These micro-dispersed pigments require almost no effort to use.  Heal faster with less scabbing.  These allow the skin to retain more pigment.


Micro-dispersed pigments are the future of tattoos, ensuring outstanding results.  Thankfully, several companies offer a range of colours and non-coloured options.  It will have your masterpiece done quickly!  Plus, with Dermaglo’s user-friendly platform and convenient options to get inked perfection.  It from personalized tees to full-service makeovers.  Their goal is to ensure you have an easy journey from start to finish!

Vegan friendly

Tattoo are a common form of animal-themed artwork.  Many vegans who follow a vegan diet are concerned about using animals during this process.  Before getting a tattoo, ask if your artist uses vegan ink.

It’s wise to check their anaesthetic and transfer solutions policies before making an appointment.  Most artists will gladly provide alternatives.  However, it is wise to inquire beforehand.

Additionally, you should take into account the glycerine content of Tattoo inks.  It may come from plant material or animal fats.  It’s an especially tricky one to avoid.  So be sure to check your ink’s ingredients list before booking your next inking session.

Additionally, aftercare is essential for your skin’s health and should be taken seriously.  It helps to expedite healing and minimize any scabbing.  Many natural and cruelty-free aftercare balms can be applied directly to the skin, so research is needed.