The Best Places For Cross Tattoo Drawings

A cross is a religious symbol with multiple interpretations for those looking to express their beliefs through body art.  This symbolism can be an ideal choice.

Cross tattoos come in a variety of designs to suit any preference.  Some are subtle and low-key, while others boast plenty of intricate details.


The ribs, sternum, and spine are in the chest.  This structure helps support both lungs and heart by providing support for them.

The cross is an iconic symbol of Christianity.  It serves to remember Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.  Tattoos depicting crosses are also often used to display religious convictions.

Cross Tattoos on the chest can be designed in various ways and look beautiful on all skin tones.  Men tend to favor this location for getting their cross tattooed.


The back region of your body is a complex structure.  It consists of small bones called vertebrae, an extensive bundle of nerves, and several groups of muscles.

Lungs and intestines are in the rear.  Regularly exercising is important to keep your back healthy and free of pain.  Fortunately, there are various treatments for back discomfort.


The arm area is one of the best locations for getting a tattoo.  It offers plenty of room and isn’t as painful as other areas.

Cross-tattoos are a great way to show your beliefs.  They’re simplistic yet versatile, allowing you to choose a design that perfectly reflects your style.

A feather is an ideal addition to your cross tattoo, representing peace.  A dove also works well since it conjures up images of Christ.  Additionally, you could incorporate a halo into the design.  It often connotes angels and purity.


The leg area is one of the most sought-after locations for Tattoos.  Particular cross tattoo drawings symbolize faith and devotion.

A cross Tattoo is an ideal way to commemorate the loss of a loved one.  It is particularly for religious believers or firefighters.

Tattooing a rosary beneath or around a crucifix shows devotion to higher powers.  To commemorate Jesus’ crucifixion, you may add a crown of thorns.


The neck region consists of your spine’s outline and several muscles and soft tissues.  The sternocleidomastoid is one such muscle.  The sternum and collarbone allow head rotation and chin tilt.

Tattoos are an expressive way to showcase your beliefs, values, and personality.  The neck area is an ideal location for getting a tattoo.  It symbolizes what you stand for.

Cross Tattoo designs are popular in this area as they signify faith and trust in God.


Cross tattoos are common on shoulders since they’re unobtrusive.  Many opt for this design to remind them of their faith in God.

Tattoos can range from small details to complex ones encompassing an arm or leg.  Crosses can be mixed with other symbols and designs to create a unique tattoo that shows your views.