Cool Couple Tattoos

Tattoos are an excellent way to show your partner how much you care.  While there are plenty of standard designs you can get.  Some couples opt for something a bit more special.

This couple got matching Tattoos that feature the iconic heart emoticon, an endearing gesture.

Sun and Moon

The sun and moon are two celestial bodies that create harmony in our world.  They often symbolize strength, power, success, optimism, and emotionality.  Intuition, femininity, and mystery – all at once!

They symbolize the cycle of life – constant change and finding balance within ourselves.  Some believe a sun and moon tattoo brings prosperity, fortune, and positive energy.

For creative expression, a Sun and Moon tattoo is a classic.  These can be customized to fit each individual’s style and meaning.  It’s also one of the most accessible tattoo options.

Puzzle Pieces

Suppose you and your partner enjoy solving puzzles together.  A couple of tattoos in the shape of puzzle pieces might be just what you need.  This design symbolizes your constant companionship and mutual support, like a lock and key tattoo.

There is a wide variety of themes and styles to choose from.  Many brands have their distinctive collections.  Abstract, recognizable, or strange maps, high-definition images, or monochromatic sheets are further topics.

Some puzzles are made of FSC cardboard.  They have been produced without harming the world’s forests.  Others feature a gloss finish which may be more reflective when illuminated.

Star Wars

A cute pair Tattoo is perfect for Star Wars enthusiasts to demonstrate their love.  There are numerous designs to choose from.  So make sure the one you select best reflects your personality and aesthetic preferences.

Star Wars has immensely affected popular culture, leading to a devoted following.  Not only has the franchise inspired numerous parodies and tributes.  It has also catalyzed cultural unification.

Star Wars is not only an iconic franchise, but it also features many iconic characters.  Star Wars is not only an iconic franchise.  It also features many iconic characters.

Darth Vader makes for an apt Tattoo design, as his power and betrayal are clearly illustrated.  His black armor symbolizes his innermost feelings of self-hatred.  His helmet conveys an air of intimidation and empowerment.

Nerdy Passion

Science fiction, fantasy, comic books, gaming, and sci-fi literature are typically shared by couples.  When choosing a Tattoo for your lover, nerdiness might show off your common interests.

Nerds often acquire Yin and Yang Tattoos.  It depicts equilibrium and the reversal of day and night, an important love metaphor.

Another geeky tattoo idea utilizes augmented reality to create an eye-catching piece of body art.  When scanned with a phone, this design’s AR picture plays audio.

This vibrant tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog will surely win over any Sonic fan!  Don’t forget to get a “this is fine” tattoo—unique!