CM Tattoo Dragon Font – 5 Cool Tattoo-Inspired Typefaces

Typefaces that have a hand-drawn charm can be particularly charming.  Bolder with thicker strokes.  These typefaces make ideal choices for display lettering or word craftsmanship projects.

Tattoo-style fonts are one of the most sought-after types of fonts today.  We have plenty to choose from in our list below.  Some are so adorable that they would fit perfectly with any design or personal project!  They would fit perfectly with any design or personal project!

Cute Tattoo

Suppose you’re a big fan of tattoos.  This cm tattoo dragon font is worth checking out.  It’s an attractive font that can easily be integrated into creative and web design projects.

The beech font features thick characters with rounded edges.  It includes uppercase and lower-case letters as well as a number set.

This glyph-only font boasts plenty of tribal-inspired artwork.  Such as circles, swashes, stars, animal shapes, and plants.  With thick strokes for most characters.  It is an enjoyable glyph set that could make an amazing tattoo design.

Death in the Shadow

CM Dragon is the crown jewel of this collection.  It is a block-style typeface with bold yet subtle strokes.  While it may have an unassuming exterior, CM Tattoo Dragon is perfect for everything from sultry teeny-tiny content to big-boy business.  This font has two notable innovations: upper- and lower-case letter sets in various weights; furthermore, it includes a number set that will make your office peers envious.  Furthermore, there are various lower-case glyphs, including one large swashy set.  Although more expensive than some siblings, CM Tattoo Dragon is worth every penny.  CM Tattoo Dragon proves worth every penny spent.

Tribal Dragon

Tribal Dragon is a font set featuring various shapes and glyphs.  It also has a Tattoo-inspired aesthetic, making it ideal for creating unique display fonts.

Billy Argel designed this typeface, and it’s free for personal use.  Commercial licenses can be purchased directly from the designer.

Social has created another wonderful font, this time free for download for personal use.  This fun font, which has a design that looks a little bit like an elf, would be a great choice for any Celtic-style Tattoo design.

Lina Script

Lina Script is an eye-catching typeface with a grungy aesthetic.  You’ll often see it used in projects related to grunge or metal music bands.

It comes in three versions – regular, bold, and italic.  Its glyphs include uppercase letters, lower-case characters, numerals, and punctuations.

Larry E. Yerkes of Vigilante Typeface Corporation made this delicate script font free for non-commercial use.

Tattoo Shop

If you’re searching for an ink-inspired font, plenty of choices are available.  Some fonts are made to look like tattoos, while others are more like calligraphy.

Deliquente is a Western-style font with long swashes and tails that make unique word styles.

This typeface would be ideal for headlines or straps in your design projects.  Plus, it comes with standard ligatures.  You can use it effectively with large typography in your designs.

CM Tattoo Dragon

CM Tattoo Dragon is an exciting font perfect for ink lovers!  You can use it in a variety of creative projects.  It will certainly add to the aesthetic appeal of your design.

Tattoos inspired this typeface and came in both bold and regular versions.  Download it for free to use it on your next project!

New York-based designer Socialh is always exploring different typography styles.  We think you’ll enjoy this fun, playful tattoo font!  You can download it for free and use it for any Celtic-style tattoo designs!