Sexy Bum Tattoos and Ideas For Your Lower Half

Bum tattoos are a great way to get a perfect design inked on your body. Bum tattoos have become one of the most popular type of Tattoos today and it all started with a tattoo artist named John “The Punisher” Campbell. Campbell made his living as a tattoo artist after graduating from college and working for a while as a security guard. When he was discharged from his job, he couldn’t find a new job so he decided to start making his own living by offering picture designs.

Bum Tattoos are known for being extremely sexy especially when a woman tattooed them on their lower back, lower belly, or on their buttocks. However, people are so confused about the meaning behind these tattoos. People just love them for their cute and sexy design. Butt tattoos have always been considered as trashy but do not think that way, believe me you can be a sexy Tattooed lady if you chose the right picture design. Butt, bum or bottom anything call is really sexy location for having tattoos, butt tattoos never go out of style and they always mean a lot of things to different people.

When you are looking for perfect and hot tattoos for your lower half, you should try looking into floral picture designs. These tattoos will always look great and flirty on any part of the body and they are also perfect for bums. Floral Tattoos also represent femininity and beauty, so if you plan on getting a tattoo on your bum remember its more about the feminine side of you rather than your masculine tattoos. I will tell you in my next article how to make your feminine Tattooed tattoo look even better on your lower half.

Bum tattoos have always been considered as very unconventional and sometimes even insulting tattoos, but do not think that way. Bum tattoos are just fun, original places for having Tattoos. Whether it’s an elegant butterfly, a tribal dragon, or another funny character, tattoos on the butt, ankle, wrist, and anywhere else on your body can be funny and original. However, many people get bum tattoos for a reason. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t make the tattoo less cool and hip.

Bum picture designs can also mean something more serious as well. The small picture designs may mean that you love someone or something significant, so why not have a small tattoo of your baby’s footprint? Or maybe your tattoo can stand for something deeper and mean more than just something that can be seen from afar. Butt, foot or anything else that call for tattoos on that part of your body, is really exciting place for having small picture designs.

For women, the most beautiful tattooed areas are the top of the bust, the lower back, the stomach, and the ankle. For men, their choice of tattoo locations include the upper shoulders, the chest, and the biceps. Some men opt to have full tattoos while others want to focus on partial tattoos. It all comes down to personal choice and preference. Just always remember, when it comes to beautiful tattooed bum tattoos, there’s no one better than you for the design.